Exploring the World of Handcrafted, Handmade and HandGlazed Items

Hand-made, Handcrafted, and Hand-glazed pottery

The art of handcrafted and hand-made pottery is a centuries-old craft that involves shaping clay into functional or decorative objects using various techniques. Handcrafted bowls and hand-glazed mugs can say a lot about your personal style and preferences. Choosing handcrafted bowls and hand-glazed mugs suggests that you value the skill and artistry involved in creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. It reflects an appreciation for the effort and attention to detail that goes into handcrafting ceramics.

Handcrafted bowls and mugs often feature organic shapes, earthy colors, and natural textures. This choice may indicate a preference for designs inspired by nature and a desire to bring a touch of the natural world into your everyday life. By selecting these items, you may appreciate the beauty in imperfection and embrace the uniqueness that arises from the handmade process. Handcrafted pottery serves both functional and decorative purposes. From everyday tableware like plates, bowls, and mugs to decorative vases, sculptures, and wall art, pottery can enhance our daily lives while also serving as artistic expression in its own right.


Why choose handmade and handcrafted

People prefer Handcrafted bowls and Handmade mugs for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why people choose handmade and handcrafted items:

  1. Unique and Personalized: Each handmade mug and bowl is unique and has its own individual character. Unlike mass-produced mugs, handmade mugs have slight variations that make them stand out and feel special. They are also often customizable, with the option to add personal touches like names or special messages.
  2. Artistic and Aesthetic: Handcrafted bowls are often crafted by skilled artisans who take pride in their work. This means that the products are not only functional, but they also have an artistic aesthetic that can be appreciated as a piece of art. The glazes and designs on handmade products are often more intricate and interesting than those found on mass-produced things. By selecting these items, you may have an eye for visually pleasing objects and an inclination toward design elements such as intricate patterns, interesting textures, or vibrant glazes.
  3. High Quality and Durable: Handmade and hand-crafted cups/bowls/ mugs are typically made with high-quality materials and attention to detail. They are crafted to last and are often sturdier than their mass-produced counterparts. This means that they can withstand frequent use and hold up well over time.
  4. Support Local Artists and Small Businesses: When you purchase a handmade mug or handcrafted bowl, you are supporting a local artist or small business. This can be a more meaningful purchase for some people, as it supports the local community and helps to keep traditional crafts alive.
  5. Timeless Elegance: Handcrafted bowls and hand-glazed mugs can possess a timeless quality that transcends passing trends. This choice might indicate a preference for classic and enduring styles rather than following fleeting fashion fads.

Overall, handmade and handcrafted things are often chosen for their uniqueness, artistic value, durability, and the opportunity to support local artists and small businesses.

My Earthy Pickups from ExclusiveLane

By the same token, I am a very Earthy person and so is my taste in pottery. When it comes to my favorite beverage I simply love it poured in handmade pottery mugs a lot. So for my Tea and coffee, I recently found some unique and beautiful collections on the ExclusiveLane. So I immediately ordered two mugs and a set of snacks bowl that I couldn’t resist.

Handmade bowls and hand-crafted pottery items have been crafted by hand rather than mass-produced by a machine. These products are unique and one-of-a-kind, with each one having its own individual characteristics. Potter’s wheel is generally used for that perfect handmade pottery mug/ bowl. This wheel turns the ball of clay into a crafted masterpiece for use.

After the clay shaping, drying, and firing, the product is glazed with a hand-applied glaze. The glaze is applied by hand to ensure that each bowl/ cup/mug has its own unique pattern and color. Handmade and hand-glazed pottery mugs are highly valued for their individuality, durability, and beauty. They are perfect for coffee or tea drinkers who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of a hand-made piece. Additionally, handmade pottery mugs make great gifts for friends and family who enjoy unique and personalized items. Do check ExclusiveLane for more ethnic, handmade, handcrafted items.


‘Blues Of Sky’ Studio Pottery Glazed Coffee Mugs

These ‘Blues Of Sky‘ Studio Pottery Glazed Coffee Mugs from ExclusiveLane in Ceramic is an artistic partner for my tea. The Earthy look just stole my heart and the Teal Blue glaze of the mug is soothing to the eyes. The dual tones of stone blue finish on the outside and a shade of teal blue on the inside add to the beauty. The colors take you back to the shades of the sea on a summer afternoon. The elegance is supplemented when the cups are filled with your favorite beverage, be it Tea, Green Tea, coffee, or even milk.

Not just for personal use, these cups are a lovely gift idea too for those who love to sip their tea in a handmade holder. Easy to grip makes you hold the cup warmly in your hands and get that warm feeling on a rainy evening or sunny morning. Be it your first-morning energetic cup of energy or the warm coffee on a movie night, chit-chatting with a friend, or enjoying my time near the window, these mugs are the perfect partner for you. Handmade ceramic has its own touch that brings in warmth while you sip your perfect beverage.

‘Simply Ethnic’ HandCrafted Bowls In Wood

Not settling for just a mug I made my way to some more ethnic products on the ExclusiveLane site and I choose these handcrafted wooden bowls. These round-shaped elegantly carved bowls are made of Mango wood. The delicate handcrafting effect is the beauty of these bowls that cannot be missed. It’s called Simply Ethnic€™ – a set of elegantly deep-set round-shaped bowls that Exclusive Lane has got it crafted by craftspeople from the interiors of India.

What caught my eye was its rich woody natural feel. A slight stroke of a colored paintbrush at the borders just added the perfect blend to the raw feel of the wooden bowls. These bowls from ExclusiveLane are an instant hit for daily snacking. The wood and earthiness of the bowls add a pinch of culture and ethnicity to your table and tea.

Brown being my favorite color and blended with a sprinkle of green, orange, and yellow shading made me fall in love with them instantly. It just adds to the warmth of your beverage perfectly with aesthetic appeal.

Handcrafted bowls and hand-glazed mugs can possess a timeless quality that transcends passing trends. This choice might indicate a preference for classic and enduring styles rather than following fleeting fashion fads.


I’m just a simple eco-conscious human requesting everyone to love this planet and put in that little effort toward a better and greener tomorrow. Learning to be more environmentally friendly is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more sustainable and a part of your normal life.

Support, share, and try to bring that one change in your life toward a greener tomorrow. Choose handmade and handcrafted. Do check out more reviews by PanchTatwa Girl here. Choose a sustainable and Conscious lifestyle for yourself and choose local and products made by local artisans. Do stay connected to Earth as much as you can. Choosing handcrafted items over mass-produced alternatives can reflect a desire to support local artisans and small-scale businesses. It may align with your values of sustainability, ethical production, and a sense of community.


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