My mom taught me value of giving #WATWB

There is joy in giving, it gives satisfaction, it gives immense pleasure.
My experience with this positive attitude is enormous and has experienced it many times.

One such incidence dates back many years back.
My dad had a spinal cord injury and for the treatment, he had shifted to Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands. We had to look for a place to live as the treatment required prolonged stay near sand…( it was sand treatment). He randomly searched a house near the treatment center as till that time my mom and I had not joined him due to financial pressure on my mom.
We landed there in a week’s time via ship journey all alone (it was again an adventure to cherish and remember) with hell lot of stuff from our home back in Delhi. The things included all the stuff required for a small family of three people.
All necessary utensils- 6cups, 6mugs, 6plates, 4woks, 2pans, a kettle, 10 containers, 10 odd boxes, a stove gas, 4 bedsheets, 12 curtains, book/ shoe stands, 2 blankets, all necessary grocery, new clothing, linen, mixer, blender, pressing iron, immersion rod, etc.
All the basic stuff for a simple household was carried along from Delhi as that time Andaman Nicobar had limited accessibility from mainland India, also hat time online shopping was not the trend. It was a tedious task carrying all thru ship, but my super mom managed the journey to remote land easily with a small girl holding her finger as additional baggage.

So we landed and set up our rented cottage…and things started coming on track.

after 2 months something turned the normal events and as a surprise dad returned back.
and what happened was a turning point, and here in all this chaos, changeovers, adjustments, I felt that joy of giving.
My mom gave all that stuff to not so well to do the newlywed couple who were trying to set a base. Who was working on daily wages in a school, as temporary teachers, who were unsure of there future? Who was trying hard to survive and earn a living, who knew only today?
And in all this, our small family unit including our memories, some old and some new stuff, some used and some unused was a great gift for them.
Although this giving was not planned yes intention was of help. I give all the credit to my mom as she has set an example.
To date whenever I remember that day and that smile on their faces, it brings tears to my eyes. Firstly because of my dad and secondly to my mother’s thought of being able to help out and set someone needy in life.
They thanked us so so much for setting there 1 room abode. They couldn’t believe that they are able to live better.

They thanked us and said my mom was a goddess who has a large heart…

I never understood but when I stood in there shoes after so many years I now understand that it was the world for them. Deepavali festival was round the corner so my mom added the stuff with new clothes for them and gifted them stating just remember us and keep up the good faith.
For us, it was a small set up we had carried for 2-6 months’ time at a remote place. Similar to those who go on adventures with petty things in the pocket.
These people live life daily, earn daily, spend daily. they can’t plan for a future or career. They don’t know what are investments.
MY mom always uses to say God is watching us, if we give and share with others he/ she will know it and they will give us more to share more, to spread more, to give more.

So share more to get fillings more, to get more to share more.
So if we are able to invest and save a bit in our life,

Do invest a part of it in those smiles which you can see in the joy of giving.
Share the happiness, Share the Joy, Share the love. Sharing is caring!

Feel joy!

There are many unsung real-life champions who have helped or contributed towards the betterment of our society,

Let’s learn from them and be a helping hand.

This is part of my Positive Humans series I have been writing on people who are an inspiration, motivation with their attitude of gratitude and ever helping nature. To meet such motivational humans click and read here.


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  1. What a lovely story of generosity and gratitude, PraGun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Damyanti says:

    Thank You for sharing such a lovely story.

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