Mothers – our life coach and lifeguard whom we can rely on forever

Mothers teach us to have confidence and belief in ourselves. Mothers knew from experience how important for people to believe in themselves in order for children to be whole, strong, and grow with a healthy estimation of themselves. A mother’s greatest masterpiece is her children. Mothers are life coaches and lifeguards too, they are someone we always look forward to.

So let’s check out the letter “L” today to see what roles mom’s play in Mom’s Be Everything.

Life Coach

Being a life coach for your child, we try and make significant personal changes, improve relationships and make some important decisions. We sure will experience some Wonderful moments followed, through subsequent sessions when we as a coach guide and advise them. This way mothers are trying to improve child’s self-awareness, influencing skills, interpersonal skills, listening skills, empathy, and communication skill. It felt good to witness them flourish in all the areas of his life. “To me, parenting is all about trust.”

This reminds me of few lines which I read long ago, It is interesting to note how women’s role has changed in society from generation to generation and now I think and believe that it is very important for women, especially mothers, to be trained coach to handle family.

So, being a life coach a mother plays the role of, the amateur child psychologist, the therapist who listens to all. Stories, failures, cries, girlfriend crisis, rivalry, patch-ups, just about everything.

First leadership Coach

Mothers are the first coach who teaches leadership skills to her children. They equip a child by supporting them in solving problems and moving forward in life. She is like a glue that holds everybody together and along with shapes and coached her children’s future. Mothers get to celebrate the uniqueness in each child by coaching them to become the leaders of their own lives. a catalyst for change.

Mothers are our biggest critics and support system. They help form leadership qualities in us through their disciplining methods. The first leadership lessons are learned at home. And it’s generally the mother who instills leadership qualities in children. When successful people are asked who influenced their lives the most, there is a good chance of most of them naming their moms as among the most influential and significant individuals in their lives.

Not many will deny the immense impact a mother has on her child. Mothers are always around their children, in fact, their presence in the child’s life begins from the moment they come into existence. And, if you reflect on it, you will notice that just about every leadership skill that you possess, was somehow imbibed from her. Mothers are life coaches and lifeguards too and we learn a lot from them in this journey too.

Mothers, whether highly qualified or illiterates ingrain valuable life lessons in their children. Leadership and management skills that each of us grows up with have a subtle connection to what our mothers taught us. Go back in time and you’ll realize how your mother’s words laid the foundation for you to be a better leader. Your mother molded your life profoundly, and perhaps still does. Let’s walk down memory lane and revisit some of every mother’s enduring as well as endearing leadership concepts.
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Mothers are life coaches and lifeguards too
Laundry Machine Operator

Mothers do laundry. They get out the stains and keep the bright colors. Life needs a clean start! Don’t laugh out loud, haven’t we all looked at our moms when we use to come home with dirty stains. And now all of us who are in mother’s shoes know it well, what it takes to ensure a clean school uniform or dress. A well-ironed saree, or stain-free dupatta. The first solution to clean fresh laundry is always a mom, even of she does it by hands or by washing machine. The step one Mom…

Laundry service

So, along with the laundry operator, she ensures she even plays the role of stain slayer, the last folder, the washing wizard. Wonderful words they are. So this adds to the new vocabulary of what all our moms do for us. Mothers do laundry. They get out the stains and keep the bright colors. Life needs a clean start!

Land Scraper

Ha-ha no, I’m talking about any land, but those with gardens or lawns at home would surely know that how beautifully moms take care of the plants. The weeds won’t pull themselves, so come moms to the rescue. Ya, I know gardeners are there too but who has that keen eyes to spot that new leaf or the new flower, yes, it’s the mom. Yay, lawns are first trimmed by mom, isn’t it?


Moms are our swim instructor as well as sunscreen applicator too, She also is a personal pool float too and savior too. Mothers are life coaches and lifeguards too, laundry providers, and always there for us too.

This is the letter “L” in the journey of motherhood where we explore Mom’s roles in their children’s lives. Mom’s are everything for her kids, you name it and we play that role. Do read my earlier letters to enjoy the AtoZ of motherhood roles. This post is written as a part of the A2Z challenge, organized by Blogchatter. You will surely love to read how Mothers are best jugglers and a judge too.

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20 Responses

  1. Poonam says:

    Mothers are all ears! Life coach and oh the laundry, how can I forget it.

  2. Can’t deny being a life coach and an all-time laundry machine operator. Of course, while disciplining them, I might have imbibed some leadership qualities in them too. There are many super moms out there, who will find themselves fit into all the roles mentioned by you. Kudos to the spirit of motherhood!! Another wonderful post from you.

  3. Deepika says:

    Leader ship, yes a very important quality that mothers imbibe in children and effortlessly too. Life coach is getting to a serious business in my house with a teenager in a board class. A actually revisit my NLP notes before talking to him. Your posts make me realise how dependent we are on our moms.
    Deepika Sharma

  4. So true! Even we’re also playing the role of a life coach for our kids, like our parents. I feel blessed and confident about myself.

  5. Mothers are life’s first teachers or life coach as you call it. The base rules are laid down by all moms. Daag acche hain is easy to watch but yes..Laundry is what mama does too. Leadership is very important to set an example…Kids need to watch how mama manages and then follow suit.

  6. Suhasini I.P. says:

    Yes dear, you covered all the roles we play as the mother.

  7. Jyoti says:

    I agree that we’re also playing the role of a life coach for our kids, like our parents. Yes laundry machine operator too heheh!!

  8. Mother are not just our first teachers but rather they are tea hers for life. This series of highlighting qualities of mother is amazing.

  9. Land scrapers !! I wonder how you come up with such unique terms and associate with motherhood. Lovely Read .

  10. Roma says:

    Life coach sounds just perfect and close to every mom’s and kiss’s heart. Love these

  11. From today’s list, land scraper stands out for me because I never really considered it all these years. I just took it for granted, frankly.

  12. Ruchi Verma says:

    So true noone could be a better coach than a mother, I am today what my mom taught me.

  13. Being a mother I doubt if I fulfil all the responsibilities mentioned by you. …but I definitely try to be one of the best ones:)

  14. Life coach and leadership coach! so true. We learn from her! what she thought us would stay with us forever

  15. This is so true, well I am a certified life coach and I am glad I am using it in my house itself. Laundry operator.. Jagaha…. Hatts off to your vocabulary. Agree with all the roles mentioned by you

  16. Agree dear moms are best lifeguard and life coach for kids. they are the first one who guides kids in every hard situation and at the same time they are best protector too. love the word sunscreen applicator so much, really a new word for me.

  17. Very true! We moms are the first who notices the satin over anything in and out of the house, be it stain of clothes, on leaves in the garden, or stain of hurt feeling in the heart of their little kiddos. Moms can sense anything.

  18. Alpana Deo says:

    ohh yes, as me about mentoring these days. With managing the teenage tantrums to answering to my going to be kindergartner, this mamma is playing the role a life coach and mentor all time.

  19. Varsh says:

    Mothers are a child’s first life coach! We guide them through difficult times and prepare them for situations that aren’t in their control. Lifeguard, indeed, who else pulls them out of pickles!

  20. I’m loving this series a lot Pragun. A lot many roles that my mom played and I play to my daughter that could be named and be proud of.

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