Mother is a nurturer, nurse, negotiator. She is One Navrasa Mom

One of the most meaningful roles that a mother plays is the role of nurturer. This word is sometimes taken synonymously with the word “mother”. When a mother nurtures her children well, love and goodness are awakened in the children’s hearts. Because of our mothers’ love, we learn to love, as well and we feel God’s love more profoundly. Today, in this journey of Mom’s be Everything, traveling, and doing multiple roles today is the day for letter N. Mother is a nurturer, nurse, negotiator. She is One Navrasa Mom.

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them FEEL.”
— Carol Buchner


A mother is a nurturer, a provider, a protector, a support system, a mentor, a sturdy foundation, a well of love – motherhood is not confined to biological terms. A mother’s love lives for life. Being a nurturer she supports us unconditionally, The job of being a carer is a life-long commitment for them. Many mothers had to give up their careers to do it full-time. It is undoubtedly an arduous challenge only mothers can live up to.

The word motherhood defines women’s eternal roles; it describes their nature as nurturers” (Daughters in My Kingdom [2011]


Since the birth of our child, the first role we have to adorn is of being a nurse. When a mother nurtures her children well, love and goodness are awakened in the children’s hearts. She breastfeeds, gives medicines at timely intervals, stays awake on feverish nights, baths, and even dry wash as required, cleans, and keeps all hygienic.

But, there are certain skills of being a mom that translates perfectly into some lines of work. Moms make good teachers, great nurses, and amazing cooks, both at home and in these professional roles. Mothers have a load of patience and way of communication which is needed to nurse a child. Being a good mom makes you prepared to become a nurse

Not just this a mother is like a professional boo-boo fixer, scrape soother, magical bruise healer. She is a healer to all injuries. Haven’t we sang songs with our warm breath stating it will all go away soon.
In Marathi its a saying –

Navrasa mom

This beautiful title I read on Mother’s gurukul site and fell in love with it. Have you ever pondered upon Navrasas of Motherhood? A Mother is the combination of nav/ 9 rasas/ emotions which makes her a complete WoW MoM. She knows it best when to use which rasa of motherly emotions and this helps her bond with her children more deeply and emotionally connected.

Night time story teller

Stories and bonding with kids have their own special way. I love telling stories to my kids at night, they help them to think, and also get lost in the magical characters of stories. Being a mom nighttime storytelling was a ritual me and my kids followed for years, till the time they grew up and got engrossed in studies.

Crisis negotiator

A mother is always a diffuser of dangerous situations. She knows it best when to intervene if kids are in fighting or arguing. She is one law enforcement officer, or you can even call her special agreement agent. Well, the reason I use this term of special arrangement, as many times moms have to offer another cookie or even a glass of juice to manage negotiators. (“Fine! You can have one more cookie if you get in the bath after.”) haven’t we done this ever? I’m not saying it’s good but yes sometimes situations do arise when we need to manage it cleverly.

Mother is a nurturer, she is not just a nurse, but the combo of Navrasa mom with lots of emotions, feelings hidden within her. This is the letter “N” in the journey of motherhood where we explore Mom’s roles in their children’s lives and we can say Mom’s are everything for her kids, you name it we have it. Do read my earlier letters to enjoy the AtoZ of motherhood roles. This post is written as a part of the A2Z challenge, organized by Blogchatter. You will enjoy reading how moms are multitasker and magic makers too.

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21 Responses

  1. Leha says:

    Mothers can be so many things at once. So true

  2. Deepika says:

    I like your navras part the most. True that’s what makes mom wow. Negotiator you bet.. all day. Lovely post

  3. Just nurturing covers everything under it. Moms do the best nurturing. Nursing is just an offshoot. The sleepless night vigils when kids are ill..the anxiety and the happiness when they get better, Some moms are lenient negotiators but some like me are strict 🙂 I would let go rarely. Nighttime storytelling was a ritual that led them to book reading. I am so glad I did that. Now my son does the same with his sons.

  4. As I have 2 toddlers, night time stories are their fav! I remember my days with my mom.

  5. Suhasini I.P. says:

    Moms can really wear so many hats at the same time isn’t it? Liked the Navras part a lot

  6. Varsh says:

    If there were more rasas a mother would have them too. We love, nurse, nurture and create stories for them. Such a joy it is!

  7. Neha says:

    Negotiator is bang on! I could hear myself saying that as I read the negotiator part.

  8. Roma Gupta Sinha says:

    True dear, mother is a nurturer, in fact of the entire universe, I love this word. Yor kids would be so proud reading this series of yours dear.

  9. Aesha Shah says:

    I am feeling so proud of myself as a mom after reading your posts. sometimes, we do not appreciate ourselves.your theme is such reminder to be proud of ourself as a mom.

  10. I have heard all except Navrasa.. This is so true and such an apt word to describe a mom. I agree reading your post makes me feel proud of myself.

  11. Of course, this word is synonymous with nurturer. She does this job of hers consciously or unconsciously while being awake, while sleeping, cooking, taking shower, going out, coming in, at work, at home, everywhere, all the time. And yes, many kinds of emotions she has inside her and exactly knows when to reveal which one.

  12. I love the term “Navrasa mom”, indeed we moms have plenty of emotions every day but best part is we manage it beautifully. love the term “Crisis negotiator”. sounds so cool to me.

  13. Checked out the navrasa mom term from the other post… really smart concept. Apt too.

  14. I would like to read more about navarasa mom….seems to be an interesting concept. The Crisis negotiator part is quite apt;)

  15. Ruchi Verma says:

    I am loving this series as this reminds me that yes even I am wearing so many caps altogether.

  16. Alpana Deo says:

    Thanks for linking back. Motherhood bless us with so many magical moments. Reading this series, reminds me of the several hats I wear in one day.

  17. Archana says:

    Yes we Moms are the real nurturer. I read and loved a lot Alpana’s ’Navrasa Mom’concept, she has perfectly encaptured all the aspects of moms. Proud to be a part of WOW MoM world!

  18. Ruchi nasa says:

    Love your series PraGun..reminds us each day of how special we are

  19. Shes definitely a navarads mom. I enjoy a lot when she is my nurturer

  20. Navarasa Of Motherhood !! This is awesome and I don’t think I can forget this now !

  21. Jyoti says:

    Love your series .Moms wear so many hats and moms do the best nurturing

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