Mom’s are our first designer and dental hygienist too

Our mothers deserve all the love for risking their lives in childbirth, raising us through difficult times, and constantly guiding and loving us. For all these, we should give them our gratitude, our respect, and our trust. We should listen to them and constantly help them in whatever way we can. Mom’s are our first designer and dental hygienist too. They are daycare and even our first dance teachers too. Altogether, Mother is a designer, daycare provider, dental hygienist all rolled up not one.

Let us learn from our own mother the lessons of courage, strength, and hope. She bears a divine role not only in our lives but also in our society and in the world. Today is Letter D in the series – Mom’s Be Everything.

D – Designer

Mother is a designer for her kids. Be it in dresses, rooms, cupboards, tables, or anything. They help to be a designer to their kids. From choosing what’s best for her child to picking the latest trends. Even buying the best-suited dress, she has been a designer for her kids all her life. Till kids grow up to their own taste and choices, she stays as a designer always. Designing kid’s beds, closets, their rooms, she has always been the designer to her children.

Dental hygienist

We will all agree our moms are our first brushers of the teeth. The first toothpaste putter on our toothbrushes. , the scheduler of the actual dentist appointments. They are actually our first dental hygienist telling and guiding us with our teeth care and hygiene.


Remember the first time you danced, I think when you were small. Remember the first school function you were rehearsing for. Our moms have tried their best to teach us the small cute dancing steps. Some are professional, some are not. The first fun moment of dance, or a serious one may be, we experience it with moms only. Sometimes when they are just trying to train us for only a simple rhythm. Or maybe just a beat or two for fun moments. I use to twist and turn and jump when I was trying to dance with my kiddo. Although I’m very bad at dancing but tied my bit for my kids.

Daycare Provider

Caring for children can be exhausting as well as rewarding! But did a mother ever complain? No, she never does, or even if she does, thats ok. She is the first daycare provider to a child. Never is she rewarded or paid for that but she does all a daycare facility. She is day care facility you might not be able to get anywhere.

She knows how to deal with us

Moms know every trick about how to take care of us. She knows when to be strict with us and when to let us make mistakes. She is the perfect mix of coolness and maturity.

Always remember she’ll defend you even when you’re not around.

This is the letter “D” in the journey of motherhood where we explore Mom’s roles in their children’s lives. We can say Mom’s are everything for her kids, you name it we have it. Do read my earlier letters to enjoy the AtoZ of motherhood roles. Find out how moms are the best counselors and comforter to their kids.

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30 Responses

  1. Absolutely true! My mom had been my first dancer, daycare provider, and designer. I am not sure about dental hygiene as in my case; my dad was taking care of this department—another super shot quick snap of mom’s super deeds.

  2. Absolutely we play so many roles I don’t even realize. Your posts are like a reminder to all the moms that we are doing great job and real multi tasker…big pat on our back.

  3. I’ve gotten to trying to guess what you’re gonna put for each letter before I click the link 🙂

  4. Its great of you to find so many roles with each letter that are relevant and mostly go unnoticed that a mother performs on an everyday basis.
    Keep going.

    • Thank you very much, Manas for appreciating the series. Truly said moms themselves are unaware of so many roles they play. This series is a small effort to thank moms globally for being everything for their children.

  5. Hahaha..u make me laugh..the first toothpaste putter?? My mom didn’t dance with me ever. I wish she had. I am the youngest in 5 kids and my sister was my surrogate mom actually.

  6. It is every moms joy to dress up their kid. I could relate to this

  7. Varsh says:

    As a mom I’m nodding with you in agreement. But the one D I love the most is Darling to and for our kids!

  8. Haha…. I know as a mother, we have to dance the whole day like a puppet! But it’s the love of children that keeps us on our toes:)

  9. Deepika says:

    Knows how to deal with you.. how true no one can do it better than mom. So many roles you mention in your post, it shows all the hard work and effort. Kudos to you
    Deepika Sharma

  10. Roma says:

    Beautiful also a dreamer she is for D, she dreams for herself, her little ones and also gives their tiny eye dreams. See reading you every day I too hve started finding words for mom darling

  11. Suhasini I.P. says:

    You forgot to mention about Dreamer role Pragun. Rest all yes, we all play those roles there

  12. A big shout out to all the supermoms who have been handling a whole bunch of responsibilities so efficiently. I am sure, every day, your post brings smiles to many faces as they realize how wonderful multi-task managers they really are!!

  13. Again a brilliant take on Motherhood and the multiple roles that they play in a child’s life. Even my mom was my first dance teacher.The line which says she will defend you even when you are not around hit me hard …how true na ?

  14. With each post, you are giving a new dimension to personality of all dear moms. among all these “D” role, my favorite is designer. I love to dress my girls in pretty clothing . this is something that makes me happy from heart.

  15. Jyoti says:

    Wow It seems we are playing so many roles at a time . I always loved dancing but then i gave up but now i found my dancing partner in my daughter . So yes i always loved to teach my kiddo those small cute dancing steps

  16. we often forget to appreciate the efforts put in by our mothers. Thanks a lot for sharing this. i have shared it on my fb to show gratitude to my mom.

    • Thanks a lot, Radhika for showering my post with so much love.
      Kudos to all the moms, this being a small effort to recognize the roles moms play globally for their kids.

  17. I could absolutely connect all the roles. I love the designer especially.

  18. Sreeparna says:

    Till date I ask my mom what to wear because I know she knows what will look good on me. So badly wanted a daughter so that I could dress her up but now my son will bear the over zealous momma

  19. Day care isw so true! we take care of them leaving all our interests a side. and we are happy about it

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