Moms are our best financial advisors, first family therapist, and yummy food providers too.

Mothers are awesome and there are no two opinions about that. Among all the things that a mother teaches and bestows upon her children, financial lessons sometimes do not get the deserved limelight! If you keenly observe your mum, you can realize that she designed a hack for herself every step of the way. Be it grinding vegetables, or waking her children up, or even saving money! Utilizing leftovers, or even providing home remedies. They have a solution for everything. Moms are our first friends, and along with moms are our financial advisors and food providers too, they are our food tester and family therapist too. Today is Letter F in the series – Mom’s Be Everything.

Finance manager

Children often imbibe lessons simply by observing how their parents, especially mothers, manage household finances. While some mothers are homemakers and others had their own careers, being sensible with spending and saving, being cautious with debt, and recognizing value are common threads they had on their outlook towards money. Mothers often help to manage the finances, teaching their children to do so as well. Balance the costs of groceries, school activities, and clothes as well as the utilities and other household expenses. We have seen our mothers manage complete household since our childhood. I was bought up by a single mom so had seen better of this financial side and I’m proud that it helped me learn to manage my finances, savings, and spending cautiously with time. So let’s read a bit about how mothers are our financial advisors and food providers too.

Mothers are evolving as smart household financial managers. We can get some of the best financial advice from our mothers as well as grandmothers too. No wonder they are the expert Matriarchs of the family for generations. Motherhood is no child’s play, and mothers across all life stages in this journey need to take charge of their finances. It’s a need of time for a smooth life and independence too. We need to help our children in charting their career paths and life goals, and in all this financial management plays a big role.

Save regularly, irrespective of the level of income is preached and practiced by mothers across generations. Being flexible with how income and expenses were managed was a skill that mothers seemed to be experts at. That’s why mothers are called the Finance Ministers of the house. Simply writing down the daily expenses in her diary, saving up for something, or just being wise with money, your mother will follow these tricks without help from an adviser!

Food Provider

When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat our darling mothers. They know how to deal with our tantrums and always pamper us with lots of love. One of the best ways in which they express their love for us is through food. No wonder #MaaKeHaathKaKhaana is so special.

  • Her magic ingredient is lots of love and care, It works all the time. Her food carries the most important cooking ingredient – Love and care.
  • You simply love your mom when she comes up with innovative dishes to suit your diet plans. No one else in the world can cook dishes that are high on both taste and health!  
  • Of course, she knows that you hate it because you’ve been throwing tantrums over it since times immemorial! Nevertheless, when she intelligently uses these veggies in a roll or a pizza, you have it without any drama.

Not only this Be it, happiness, sadness, sickness, celebration, joy, our mothers have also served us food that is appropriate for the situation. Ever wondered why mom’s food is always the best. Your mom’s been there since day one. From feeding you straight from a bottle to eventually teaching you how to properly use a fork and knife, she’s the one who’s made sure that you don’t go hungry. Nothing tastes better than home-cooked food

Food Tester

Even before she feeds us she ensures that the food is perfect for us. Moms have been food testers of the food served not only to our kids but to our family too. We are testers as we ensure tasty, hygienic food for all. When you’re away from home living off of the same old same old from the dining hall, you always crave that one dish that only mom can make perfectly. 

Mom’s food aka maa ke haath ka khana has accompanied us in our lives while growing up. And this taste cannot be replicated even by the best chef in town. It is filled with satisfaction and love.

Family Therapist

Yes, the first doctor/ therapist at home as an immediate aid is mom only. We all have grown up looking forward to mom as the first healer for injury or pain. Being a mom makes you a mini therapist with a homemade journal in your hands full time. We sure need to seek expert and professional advice on therapy but the first person we seek to find the answer to is always a mom.

The usual goals of family therapy are improving communication, solving family problems, understanding and handling special family situations, and creating a better functioning home environment. Our moms have been doing this for generations – a way to develop or maintain a healthy, functional family.

mothers are our financial advisors and food providers too

Now that we know, mothers are our financial advisors and food providers too, another “F” tip from a mom – She knows how to spot a fake friend faster than you. You can always rely on her for slightly hurtful but honest feedback. She is your first friend too.

“Be sure that in your educating you are not manufacturing obedient citizens, but rather unleashing powerful, creative souls.”
— Vince Gowmon

This is the letter “F” in the journey of motherhood where we explore Mom’s roles in their children’s lives. Mom’s are everything for her kids, you name it we have it. Do read my earlier letters to enjoy the AtoZ of motherhood roles. This post is written as a part of the A2Z challenge, organized by Blogchatter. You will love to read Alphabet E which says Moms are Encyclopedia and first educator too.

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36 Responses

  1. Ruchi Verma says:

    I so agree that yes, mothers play an important role in shaping kids and I remember my financial advice is from my mom “Save little but save daily” and I still follow that.

  2. Poonam says:

    I am a bit spender type but looking at my mom I restrict spending. Food! I know, sometimes I crave a lot for that Maa ke haath ka khaana.

  3. I couldn’t agree more on this! Undoubtedly my mom has remained the best financial advisors of my life. from my pocket money, my first salary, my investment plans, my cash collection after my wedding function till today I ask my mom where and how to invest,

  4. Matheikal says:

    The mother shapes the personality of a child more than anyone else. Her skills are important.

  5. Exactly!! See, we so nicely fit into every role- Food provider and food-tester together in one so that there is no compromise on taste. And yes, we have started taking the responsibility of finances too. Spotting a fake friend is another super role that we play so efficiently. A big cheer to all the supermoms!!

  6. I have learnt how to spend frugally with my mom. But u know what? My DIL is not the food provider. Isn’t it strange that my grandsons wont say Maa ke haath ka khana but rather Baap ke haath ka 🙂

    • Haha, now that adds on a thing, baap ke haath ka khana. And exception is everywhere, no wonder not all mommies excel in every field, It’s just that we never leave trying and experimenting for the sake of our kids.

  7. Sreeparna says:

    A mother shapes the future of the child. And financial well being is very much a part of good life.

  8. Suhasini I.P. says:

    You are your child’s first friend too my dear. You have captured all the roles so properly that no one can disagree with you

  9. Maa ke haath ka khana …so true. Food is synonymous with Mom’s for many and I am one of them. All your posts are making me realise the depth of motherhood and surely Moms are evolving with time and Kudos to each one of them.

  10. Deepika says:

    Lovely. Again so many roles and all of them equally important. Your description of each role adds charm.
    Deepika Sharma

  11. Food yester.. I can taste anything on this planet before givIn it to kids.. Be it mediciNever or any thing raw. Oh yes keeping hold on finances is the, the thing.

  12. Of the lot, finance manager was one I didn’t see coming but I totally understand what you mean

  13. I am in love with the content of your blog. It makes me feel like i should appreciate all those women especially homemakers who are the finance manager of their homes. But somewhere and sometimes they’re unnoticed. your posts remind them that yes! They’re the ones.

    • Thank you very much, Radhika for appreciating the series Mom’s Be Everything.
      You are very right, we forget to appreciate and thank the moms for all the efforts they put into this journey of motherhood.

  14. Wow amazing mommy roles starting from “F”, pragun. yes mommies do a lot for their families. they are multitasker. starting from serving yummy food to tacking finances for their family, mommies work in all direction. loving the series dear.

  15. I feel like appreciating myself 😉
    Jokes apart, mothers are the child’s best companions, making their lives comfortable and beautiful:)

  16. Yes, indeed, mothers are multi-faceted, and they are wonderful as well. We cannot do without them.

  17. Food taster hehe yes. and managing finance i guess moms do it better sometimes

  18. Totally agree to all of these and feel so proud of myself, you are really boosting all moms through this series.

  19. Loving the series and the roles you come up.with. overly happy to know that we these many roles.

  20. Jyoti says:

    Loving these series . I guess fathers should read this too . When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat our darling mothers.

  21. Arlee Bird says:

    My mother has been gone for many years, but I was 63 when she passed so things go as they do. My mother gave me such a great childhood and was always there as I got older. I still miss her!

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