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Looking for an effective cleanser for your menstrual cup’s hygiene

Hey, I bought this eco-friendly solution for my monthly periods with a menstrual cup. But now my tension is how to clean it and keep it hygienic for next use. Are you also thinking of the same?

If you’re reading this, You are holding your menstrual cup, or you’re at least thinking about it, right? Now that you have it the main concern is “how do I clean it and keep it hygienic? We are surrounded by a number of questions like –  Is it safe to use it over and over again?” So instead of thinking, we need to find a solution.

A menstrual cup can be worn safely for up to twelve hours — unless you have a heavy period, and are changing more frequently, you won’t need to clean your cup more than twice a day.


Once you’ve bought or deciding to give a menstrual cup a try, it’s very important to learn how to use and take care of it. It is of utmost importance to properly clean your menstrual cup keeping your body healthy and happy throughout the cup’s lifetime.

Ways to clean and care for your menstrual cup.


We need to be very sure and have trust in the product we are using and it’s essential to understand which cleansers to use and not to use on your period cup. Scented soaps or soaps with fragrant oils may smell good but can be irritating on your intimate skin. The EverTeen cleanser I recently found is pH balanced and free of dyes and washes away bacteria naturally with lemon extracts. It’s an easy and gentle option if you’re trying a menstrual cup for the first time.

2. Use a PH-balanced soap

If you decide to use a soap wash to wash your menstrual cup, it’s important to note that it has to be a pH-balanced soap. Try choosing a mild and fragrance-free cleanser, or a liquid Castile or glycerin soap.

4. Once your cycle is over, boil the cup

Even if you’re washing your cup with soap between uses, you’ll want to boil it—yes, boil it!—at the end of each cycle. After washing your cup with hot water and soap, you can place it in boiling water to fully sanitize it before your next period. It’s a quick way to sanitize your cup. Be careful not to leave your cup in the boiling water too long though; boiling your cup too often may lead to the silicone softening or thinning over time.

Your period is a powerful process, and it’s important to provide your body with the utmost care and cleanliness to ensure it can continue working at its best ability.

5. Drying is very necessary after washing and before storage

Once you’ve selected your preferred method of cleaning your period cup, it’s important to ensure your cup is completely dry before storing it. Storing your cup with any leftover moisture on it may encourage bacteria to grow, and not the bacteria your vagina will like. Take care to ensure it’s nice and dry, and then store it where you feel comfortable.

6. Store in a dry place or container

When it comes to storing your menstrual cup choose an airy breathable container. Your cup does so much for you, so it’s nice to give it a cute, comfortable home when it’s not in use. Then, try keeping it somewhere cool and dry.

Stick to a menstrual cup cleaning routine that suits you well and you are comfortable in. The planet and your body for sure are going to say thank you for you chose to use this eco-friendly option and care to keep it clean and hygienic. hank you.

Why Everteen Menstrual cup cleanser is good

Everteen brings this safe and effective cleanser which washes away stains easily. It ensures to prevent fungal and bacterial growth and hence helps provide hygienic products in your hands after every wash.

It’s natural pH balance and easy rinse formula makes it a reliable choice.

It’s non-toxic

It’s anti-fungal


and 100% safe to wash

The cleanser is made with lemon oil, palm kernel, aqua, and similar ingredients that help kill germs and are tough on stains.

Cleaning intimate things need an intimate wash too. And for this, A liquid cleanser is a perfect match for your silicone menstrual cup. I recently bought everteen cleanser and can happily recommend it after using it personally. Everteen cleanser is readily available here, so choose wisely and choose hygiene.

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