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Concerned for the environment and clueless where to start? Why not start a bit from yourself only. Women bleed, yes we proudly do, and how about adding our little cent to not increasing the garbage dump and instead go for an eco-friendly alternative. Yes, I’m here talking about the menstrual cups. I hope my review will certainly help you pick your eco-friendly choice to make your monthly journey a comfortable one.

Eco-friendly and bio-degradable products are the talk of the town when we talk of shopping bags or cutlery or tissues or even disposables. So why not think of personal hygiene too eco-friendly way.

So have you heard of Menstrual cups?

It’s no new thing in today’s times but for my newbie female friends, a short glimpse of what are these cups. Menstrual cups are small, flexible, funnel-shaped cups generally made of silicone which gives you the ease of use in your monthly cycle. You just have to insert it and it helps you collect period fluid, so no absorbing or staining or leakages. It’s a reusable feminine hygiene product that can be even reusable for up to 10 years. As compared to pads or tampons cups can hold more.

Which cup to choose

Yes, this becomes a major question when we are given ample choices in the market. A general criterion is we ask our fellow friends and get their feedback. And so here I’m sharing you my review and personal experience of the Everteen Menstrual cup. So just #FixYourPeriod with Everteen cup

This cup comes with ease of use and ensures no menstrual odor, no dryness, and no discomfort.

I was hesitant to use it for the first time like a normal human who resists a change and that too so personal. But once I took the plunge and decided to go ahead it was no looking back now. I experienced a prolonged almost 8 hours plus protection that handled my menstrual fluid with ease. I’m satisfied as the material is medical grade silicone and very soft.

Everteen with the tagline ‘desirable always’ has come up with this great product. The best part was there was no displacement as of pads or threads like tampons and on top, I was easily able to perform my walks, runs even yoga sessions. It’s very comfortable and to the day I haven’t got any skin irritation too.

everteen®, which offers India’s largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene one is sure to get convinced and rely with confidence on their products.

So why use EverTeen cup?

This makes their long-term cost lower than that of disposable tampons or pads, though the initial cost is higher. Menstrual cups are also promoted as more practical and eco-friendly than pads and tampons. Given that the menstrual cup is reusable, its use greatly decreases the amount of waste generated from menstrual cycles, as there is no daily waste and the amount of discarded packaging decreases as well. It’s flexible and comfortable.



Can be used for up to two years plus

No displacement as in pads

No tension of the thread, like with tampons

Freedom to carry on with all your normal activities

Ease of use even if you are involved in yoga or dance


Less money wastage as once we have bought this no money is spent on pads monthly.

So, last but not the least Apart from being eco-friendly, they’re evidently also more economical, convenient, more hygienic, and most cost-effective.

Read this honest and detailed review of the usage of Menstrual Cup.

You can check here to buy your menstrual cup today.

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