Queen of the At Home lifestyle – Book Review

Queen of the At-Home Lifestyle

A gal’s guide to working-from-home, homemaking, and homeschooling

What’s in the book?

The writing is fresh and crisp. The book moves in a flow and I loved the simple day to day language in it.

Pandemic and lockdown certainly brought a big change in mindset as well as the lives of normal humans. We learned a lot of new things and this book focusses on the need for home-schooling and its importance.

The book showcases how one can create a happy and purposeful home-schooling environment.

The author rightly says that We can be purposeful homemakers and work-from-home moms, and even homeschoolers if we choose to.

It’s about making that one choice for ourselves.

The book has three parts: work-from-home entrepreneurship, homemaking, and homeschooling.

Part 1

The Work from home chapter certainly stresses and showcases some good points and benefits of working from home some of which can be your own career, resources in your hands, ease of carrying work anywhere, no dependency, etc.

The next chapter helps you with steps and necessary pointers on creating a home-based micro business and the book even covers how to stay motivated in home-based work and keep it growing as well as a complete chapter is dedicated to Time Management Tips For Work-From-Home Gals.

Part 2

The homemaking part covers practices that can add more value to our home life and support our dreams, projects, and other facets of family life.

Small tips like stocking up pantry, or creating daily routines, planning menus are so doable tasks. The author some homemaking tips where homemaking is done with more purpose, structure, and skill. Clutter-free space, getting dressed for work, having little rituals, maintaining space, cleaning routines are the few good points shared.

I loved the chapter that speaks about Using Your Homemaking Skills To Enhance Your Work-at-Home Life. This helps to have a happy place for our family and ourselves too. Some good tips are shared in creating a home-centered life that is investing time and purpose into our home.

The chapter that brings focus on activities we can do at home and the ones we can do with our family at home is so apt especially during the lockdown we are presently going thru. the recent times certainly make you peep inside and look for this option and feel good about staying at home and making it effortless too.

Part 3

Homeschooling a new normal, a new way of teaching and a new path. The author shares her views on homeschooling which she has been practicing herself for the last three years herself. She shares some good points on what to consider while you decide to home-schooling and how to make it a regular practice. She also shares detailed ideas to keep children engaged and happy at home.

Queen of the At-Home Lifestyle: A gal’s guide to working-from-home, homemaking and homeschooling by [Chandana Banerjee]

Why this Book?

Loved the usage of word Queenbee for the mother of the family. The prime person of the family.

This truly sums up the book – If we choose to, we can create a home-based lifestyle that includes taking care of the home, homeschooling the children (if that’s what we want to or need to), creating a micro-business or passion project around a hobby or talent, and also slowing down to savor it all, while we are at it.

Equally important, Covering all the aspects of Creating Time For Work, Homeschooling, And Homemaking. Chapters with approaches, ways, and benefits have been shared nicely. If you are planning to work from home or even thinking for homeschooling and getting confused about the pros and cons, pick up this guide, and find answers to your queries.

Who’s the Author?

To sum up, Chandana is a writer, author, journalist, micro-business coach for military wives and moms, green wellness coach, certified health coach, and an artist, living and working across India. Having 23+ years of experience in writing for publications across the country and the world. A military wife and homeschooling mom. She writes and speaks about the unique experiences and challenges of these lifestyles (and how to overcome them) in her Blog and Youtube Channel. Author of the Amazon bestselling book ‘The Work-At-Home Military Wife’, which was the number #1 bestseller on Amazon in February 2019. Internationally, she has written for Al JazeeraMediumThe Christian Science Monitor, Animal Wellness, Power of Moms, and India Currents among others. Artist at Jugnoo Story Art 

How’s the Book?

Book Title: Queen of the At-Home Lifestyle

Genre: Lifestyle

Author: Chandana Banerjee

Number of Pages: 48

Where to find the Book?

Available: Ebook in PDF on Amazon.

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