Hair Care with Deyga

Who doesn’t like healthy and happy hair, a nourished scalp?

Having that one satisfactory hair care product is always a task for me. Are you also looking for a Hair Care Solution? Are you conscious about the product you use for your hair or body care? Well, I always prefer natural and chemical-free products that again limits my pick. Discovering Deyga was one such experience and it was one great one which I won’t ever regret. I got to pick the hair butter at first then I even started using the hair growth oil as well as a hair serum too.

Deyga brings you complete hair care solution in there hair care kit which ensures that your lovely locks get the best care.

Hair Care Solution with Deyga’s hair care kit

Hair growth oil, Shampoo bar, Hair serum, and Hair butter. The kit ensures complete hair care solutions right in your hands. Being a natural and organic product you can rely on it with closed eyes. The products are truly pure, handcrafted, and natural to the core and the best part they are Made in Bharat.

Hair growth oil

I have started using it recently so I won’t say my hair started growing immediately but yes they are getting nourished for sure as hair fall has reduced and I can feel it on my comb.  I prefer applying hair oil overnight. With a proper massage, it boosts blood circulation to hair.

With the goodness of-

Hibiscus flower(which rejuvenates scalp and promotes hair growth),

fenugreek(which has high protein and nicotinic acid content which helps control hair fall and dandruff), and

grapeseed oil (help restore your hair’s natural shine and vibrancy)

Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bar was a surprise for me. I avoid shampoo as much as I can and this bar took me back to my shikakai days. It certainly gave me the feel of Good hair days within my first use. Free from harmful chemicals it’s gentle on hair.

The main reason for me to use this bar is because – Shampoo bars offer a low carbon footprint!

Liquid Gold – Hair serum

We all know the importance of serum to hair roots and when the product says its liquid gold its truly is. It’s made with organic argan oil and other essential oils to promote new and healthy hair growth. Serum certainly gives smooth texture to hair.

Filled with the goodness of – Flaxseeds oil, argan oil, and pumpkin oil. It’s a rich oil-based hair serum with qualities of all essential oils together.

Handcrafted Hair butter

Who doesn’t know the importance of shea butter and virgin coconut oil? And when you get a butter which has a combination of raw mango butter, shea butter, virgin coconut oil, castor oil, and yiang yang essential oil this butter makes a great supplement for scalp and hair.

Just one use and it took away frizziness from my hair. The best part is it is safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair also. The butter can be used after wash also as it keeps hair hydrated and nourished depending upon your hair quality.  This butter for hair, can be used as a hair mask as well as a conditioner.


The procedure I follow, to make use of all these products to get complete Hair Care Solutions is to –

  • First, apply hair growth oil with proper massage (preferable overnight or 1 hour before wash)
  • wash off with shampoo bar
  • apply hair serum when the scalp is dry
  • Butter can be used any day.


I have been using this product for close to a month now and I am ready to recommend this. Useful and very effective products. Check out the entire collection at Deyga. I now have the trust and confidence in the product more so because it’s natural and organic.



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