Book Review – You are blooming

You Are Blooming A Journey to Rekindle the Lamp of Heart

What’s in the book? (Glimpse)

You are born to bloom, every day, in a new way.

When I started to read the book and turned the pages, the very first page itself caught my eye. It says that the book is dedicated to the light, which always guides us. That’s the beauty of the writer. When the light our guiding factor is the inspiration the book it is sure gonna bloom.The book is full of positivity from page one till the end. The book is like the key to happiness in simple terms.“Today I am here to remind you that amidst all the despair and darkness, deep down, you are blooming with hope, beauty, and grace.” These lines stayed with me on my whole journey of book reading. We need to never leave hope and happiness out of our life ever, that’s the beauty of blooming.

Few lines just never left my mind, I will not spoil the fun of reading by narrating all quotes here.

“You are seeking hope, you are seeking peace. You are seeking love, faith, and courage. ”“I embrace my scars as the glory, for I find them as the echo of the light that shines from within.”“I know, somewhere in the world, there is an abandoned dream that is still waiting for you.“Faith is a voice from your heart, it’s the whisper of courage.”“Today I am here to remind you that amidst all the despair and darkness, deep down, you are blooming with hope, beauty, and grace.”“Hope is always there with you, like a walking dream.”“I was searching for light all over. After seeking for long, I realized, the light resides inside us.”“You are brokenly beautiful. This time, bloom with all your glory.”“you are born of stardust, you are born of love and light. You are the daughter of a star and the Universe is your home.”All quotes are worth pondering and remembering. I won’s spoil the reading fun by stating all quotes here, but truly all the quotes are worth reading and absorbing. Above all writer says she is sending love and life with these letters. For sure once you read it you are filled with so much positivity and happiness.

Why this Book? (My view)

Cover – The cover with yellow blooms is very catchy and calming at the same time. I loved the cover a lot.Content – The time when this book came to my eyes, I will call it a boon. During the lockdown, anxiety had crept in and we are all anxious, afraid, confused, stressed all at the same time. The present times are hard and stressed and this book comes as a mental health savior.We are all connected in some way or the other, as the Universe is writing our stories, together. This book helps to understand the magical power of the inner power within us. It helps us to embark on the journey of seeking light. The light that resides in your heart. The book will surely take you on this journey of redefining life.The book has healing power, every word, and every line is cautiously crafted and written. Just imagine when you are feeling low and you read this line – “All the pieces of you are scattered here, you just have to be courageous to pick them to remake your collage and stand strong and brave to bloom again.” Don’t you feel positive and hopeful again? Such is the beauty of the book. Each chapter encourages you, inspires you, rebuilds you, and fill you with life.

The book is divided into three sections/ chapters/ letters namely Hope, Beauty, and Grace.

It’s a 21-day refresher, with one chapter a day, you will get to see a new you at the end of 21 days. The best thing is each chapter makes you believe in the power as it calls the reader as light, bliss, magic, sunshine, sea, and much more. Such beautiful and positive words when the seeker is named will surely ensure that the feeling is fully absorbed in your mind. And each week helps to rejuvenate these emotions in you.I loved this style of calling the reader with hopeful words like Wisdom, magic, celebration, even storyteller.A must and most recommended book for all especially during the pandemic. You will surely renew your thoughts and fill your life with hope, beauty, and grace. Read the book to fill yourself with so much positivity and hope.The first few pages only will catch your complete attention with the words used and flow too. All I can say is it’s a worth reading book for all ages and everyone.

Book Details (How’s the Book?)

Book Title: You are Blooming A Journey to Rekindle the Lamp of HeartGenre: MotivationalAuthor: Swarnali NathNumber of Pages: 88

Meet the Writer (Who’s the Author?)

Swarnali NathSwarnali is an engineer, blogger, and writer. She is the founder of the Mindfulness and Motivational blog ‘The Vaidik Journal’ and she writes about her personal reflections on her personal blog ‘The Saffron Journal.’She is also a part of the anthology ‘The Woman That I Am‘. Her posts are full of positivity and inspiration. She finds solace in music and books.   She is truly a dreamer by heart, a seeker by the soul.The author’s writing style is profound and gleaming. I’m amazed to read this book and her thought process. I’m in awe with the depth with the weave of the words.Swarnali as your name is so beautiful so are your writings. In every word, in every line and chapter, I can feel the beauty of words.

Where to find the Book?

Available: Ebook in PDF In Blogchatter Library.Enjoy this rejuvenating, relaxing, and refreshing bloom book.Note- I wish to hold this book in my hands as a paperback with the author’s autograph. I hope you get the message, my dear awesome writer.This is my view, I’m not a professional reviewer but sharing Review – my-view on a personal level.

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2 Responses

  1. This is so so beautifully written Pragun. You have written your heart out here. I am very glad that you found this book helpful, I hope it helps you to rejuvenate. I am lost in words to thank you, just to say, this means much to me. Thanks a lot dear. Keep writing,keep blooming. 🙂🌼

    • Thanks a lot, Swarnali for liking it.
      I really love the way you write with so much of depth and flow in each and every page and chapters.
      I wish you the best and may your pen flow freely with great thoughts always.
      Keep blooming dear.

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