Green Talks Ep 34 – A journey of a sustainable mommy spreading eco and consumer awareness – Feat. Sakshi Verma

         Lately ‘Kantara’ Star Rishab Shetty Talks About the Role of Cinema in Environmental Consciousness at UNHRC in Geneva. “The global agencies and the governmental organisations are at the forefront of pursuing environmental sustainability. In addition, civil society in India is also involved in local environmental protection. The medium of cinema holds a mirror to such environmental consciousness and plays an important role in showing reality to the world. We are proud that many Indian movies have talked about environmental protection through fictional and real stories and created awareness about it.

So with concerning issues on hand and awareness for environmental sustainability in mind, there is a need to be more aware and conscious of environmental concerns. 

Eco-conscious, sustainable mommy

Sakshi started her eco journey when her True awakening came when she was expecting her first child and reading about parenting. She believes that we all want to give the best to our kids. She use to read a lot about products for babies and came across chemicals in them and their effects. This is how she decided the switch to chemical products.

As a teacher, she is on a continuous learning journey, for herself and for the students. She is also associated with a club – Satark, that has been consistent in creating awareness regarding hazards of e-waste, collecting and disposing of it responsibly. With all these initiatives she ensures she connects with sustainable initiatives. She has been involved in consumer awareness activities for over a decade in her college wherein they conduct several activities – talks, and competitions, to create awareness regarding consumer rights and duties, plastic pollution and e-waste being two topics we have been covering for years.

Baby steps towards eco-living

At this time, she has made several baby steps that are now a permanent part of her life.

  • Using a bamboo toothbrush
  • Opting for Chemical-free skincare
  • Switching to Soap and shampoo bars
  • Steel straws
  • She also makes sure to carry her own bottle, bag, and cutlery while going out. 
  • Dry Waste segregation is a routine and she sends it for recycling.

Sakshi says, ” Along with this I got hooked on reading and finding sustainable and safe alternatives for my baby, for us, and for our home. 1 thing which I understood was that what is good for us is good for the planet and vice versa.”

“Earth rejoices our words, breathing, & peaceful steps. Let every breath, every word, & every step make mother earth proud of us.” ― Amit Ray

Well, sustainable enthusiasts if you are looking for ways for recycling and are clueless then Check out ONE STEP GREENER which is a wonderful Delhi-based initiative started by two young boys. You can send all your dry waste for recycling there.

Tatwa Talks

To sum up, In this episode of the #GreenTatwaTalks, let’s listen to the story of how a mommy started her sustainable journey after the birth of her child. An Eco-mommy, professor, crafter, artist, sustainable enthusiast, and keen learner shares her daily conscious habits in this episode of Green Tatwa Talks. 
So tune in and Join #PanchTatwaGirl along with Sustainable Mommy – Sakshi and move towards a more conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle. You can check her Insta page to follow her sustainability and conscious journey. She shares some really awesome tips, posts, and reels on recycling reusing bio enzymes, plastic-free packaging, and conscious living. 
Sakshi says, ” A lot is done, a lot needs to be done. But, what keeps me going is continuous learning and getting inspiration from the sustainable community I see and connect with on Instagram.”

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Along with this, Support, share, and try to bring that one change in your life toward a greener tomorrow. 

Being Eco-Friendly is not a choice, make it a habit.

Without a doubt, sustainability is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more eco-friendly, sustainable and a part of your daily life. 

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