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Green Talks Ep 34 – A journey of a sustainable mommy spreading eco and consumer awareness – Feat. Sakshi Verma

         Lately ‘Kantara’ Star Rishab Shetty Talks About the Role of Cinema in Environmental Consciousness at UNHRC in Geneva. “The global agencies and the governmental organisations are at the forefront of pursuing environmental...


A small letter to mother

Namaskar Aai,I know It’s not very often when I write to you, I am a little unexpressive when it comes to sayingthank you or when I feel thankful. Today on mothers day when I got the...

The essence of being a women 0

The essence of being a women

Here I am realizing the essence of women once again… A girl at birth never realizes her importance, even after marriage we get to see another self of being a woman, and then comes the phase...