Ep 19 – Green Talks with Panchtatwa Girl Ft. Neha from OneGreen


From food and clothing to FMCG goods, and consumer electronics to vehicles and property, purchasing some things sometimes is an inevitable part of our lives. Lately, the consumer is conscious and more sustainably aware, of what they are buying and bringing into their homes. Especially post-pandemic born of our destructive relationship with nature, COVID-19 has made us reflect on our priorities, and ask ourselves questions like: “what is best for me and my health?” “What if we made smarter choices and consumed less?”, “What if I pay attention to my immunity in foods I consume?”

When you go to market and want to pick organic pulses, or you are looking for a preservative-free cereal but are confused about which to pick? What do you do? The market is flooded with choices and we as consumers need to be more aware and conscious of what product we choose. Even if you are searching online there are a lot of products available but confusion grips your mind. So, Are you Looking for eco-friendly products, and want to pick sustainable products? If you are a keen and conscious consumer you have to be careful with your choices? Well I know there are a lot of choices and it gets difficult to choose between the available variety. I understand you are worried about the authenticity of the product or the quality of it being organic or nature friendly? How about if you have one single platform that provides a solution to your confusion? So here we have Neha from OneGreen Asia’s largest one-stop-shop. 


Listen to this episode of Green Talks where we explore OneGreen – Asia’s largest one-stop-shop marketplace for everything pure, safe, natural, and sustainable. OneGreen is a platform where genuine green products are brought under one roof. You can see all their products on their site Their categories range from personal care, baby care, groceries, intimate hygiene, sexual wellness, home care, responsible apparel, and clothing – you name, OneGreen has it. Today, consumers around the world do want to live more sustainably. Many expect businesses to play a positive role in society and feel that brands bear as much responsibility when it comes to driving positive change as governments. OneGreen brings the best of the brands on their platform that pass the OneGreen index. 

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