Ep 12 – Green Talks with Panchtatwa Girl Ft. Shalini Chablani from Healing Environment

Recycle your junk! Think outside the trash
Recycle! Don’t throw cash in the trash, recycle it all – it’s your call!

In this episode of Green Talks, we have Shalini chablani from Healing Environment. She is trying her best to Heal the environment with all the bay steps she is taking in and around her surroundings. The first thing she emphasizes is waste segregation. Then she focuses a lot on recycling and composting. Do listen to her tips on ways to segregate in this episode.

Shalini chablani is an Urban city dweller and also an Occupational therapist and Health professional. Along with her profession, she is a conscious sustainable person who takes care of everything she brings in her house or even throws away. Her FaceBook page is known as Healing Environment.

Waste Segragation

Waste segregation refers to the practice of separating wet waste from dry waste. This helps to ease the way for other concepts of waste management like composting, recycling, and incineration. If waste is not separated or segregated properly, it all gets mixed up in landfills. And this further causes land, water, and air pollution. Wet waste is all the kitchen waste that we produce. It includes leftovers, vegetable and fruit peels, used tea leaves, etc. Wet waste is biodegradable organic waste that can also be composted. On the other hand, dry waste comprises paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, styrofoam, rubber, metal, food packaging material, etc. Even milk cartons and packets go into a dry waste bin. Dry waste is recyclable but will be rejected if it is contaminated or soiled.

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Do listen to tips on how to segregate waste and start with that first essential step towards a greener tomorrow. Her idea of steel crockery bank and

We need to be aware and careful to segregate waste into the following categories.

1. Wet waste
2. Dry waste
3. Sanitary waste
4. E-waste

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Heal Environment

Whether you live in a city, suburb, or rural area, there’s a good chance that the environment around you has been degraded by human development and pollution in one way or another. By planting trees, starting a small garden, minimizing the use of chemicals, watching our waste and consumption we can work towards Clean air, clean and adequate water, hygienic sanitization, healthy and safe places to live and work. All these little efforts can help us all to Heal the environment.
Shalini and her Healing Environment take that step towards a healing environment and do listen to her journeys with meanings. While conversing with her, A very good tip which she shared was with a lovely example that goes –

Like we keep our spices separate at home, in the same way we pledge to keep seperate bins for dry and wet waste at the least.

For a greener and healthy planet, we need to be conscious and aware citizens. The first thing we need to be aware of is the things we buy and then the things we throw. when we throw something we need to be careful of segregation. We need to understand that when objects are segregated properly, it’s useful, if they are mixed then everything becomes a waste.


Listen and follow these lovely tips by Shalini which she is following in her daily life too.


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