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The invaluable service done by Saalumarada Thimmakka who is also known as the mother of trees to our environment has got worldwide recognition, recently she got awarded with 2019 Padma Shree for her contribution to social work and environment. She is indeed a daughter of the country whose name we take with immense pride.

Saalumarada Thimmakka also known as Aalada Marada Timakka is an Indian environmentalist from the state of Karnataka, noted for her work in planting and tending to 385 banyan trees along a four-kilometer stretch of highway between Hulikal and Kudur. She has also planted nearly 8000 other trees. Her story is that of grit and determination. In her 40s, Saalumarada Thimmakka had hit a dark phase when she wanted to end her life for not being able to conceive. But, with the support of her husband, she found solace in planting trees.

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Saalumarada Thimmakka was born in a place called Gubbi in Tumkur district born to Smt. Vijayamma and Sri Chikkarangayya. Having been born in a poor family, Saalumarada Thimmakka could never go to school because of utter poverty and lack of facilities. When she was 10, she even began to work as a coolie. As she grew up, she was married to Sri Bikkala Chikkayya of Hulikal Village of Kudoor taluk of Ramanagar district. Unfortunately, the couple remained childless even after many years of their marriage. Disappointed and pained because of this childless life, both of them started to treat trees as their own children. Later, with her husband’s encouragement, Thimmakka set on a mission to plant as many trees as possible.

It is even said that Thimmakka started to plant banyan trees in the name and in place of her children. The name word Saalumarada (row of trees in the Kannada language) is how she was referred to because of her work. She is s a great human being and even after recieving hundreds of awards she remains a person of innocence and humility. Her humble nature was not affected by the name and fame in the world she has received. She has become a legend of her own order and leads a humble and simple life even today.


  1. Padma Shri award – 2019
  2. Gait Free Brabiency National award -2006
  3. Nadoja Award By Hampi University- 2010
  5. The GREEN MOTHER Award
  6. Women Empowerment Award
  7. Mother of Tree Award
  8. Bheem Rathna Award – 2016
  9. National Citizen’s award – 1995
  10. One of BBC’s 100 Women in 2016

These are only few I had listed from inputs from google but there is a list she had received awards for. Saalumarada Thimmakka is living with her foster son Umesh now. She is 105 years old. Her foster son is also successfully running the “PRITHVI BACHAO” (Save Earth) movement. Also, he runs his own nursery and distributes plants to those farmers who are interested in growing trees. He has distributed more than 5 lakh saplings until now.

There is thimmakka foundation which is involved in the environment, education, medical relief etc, all inspired by Thimmakka’s spirit by her great gift to nature. For more info read this.

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There are many unsung real-life champions who have helped or contributed towards the betterment of our society, Let’s learn from them and be a helping hand.

This is part of my Positive Humans series I have been writing on people who are an inspiration, motivation with their attitude of gratitude and ever helping nature. To meet such motivational humans click and read here.

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  1. She deserves every award for her dedication in planting trees. Trees really are our children, and they need loving attention and appreciation … Thank you for this lovely story PraGun 🙂

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