Moms Be Everything

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

Moms play numerous roles for their children. For centuries moms have worn all types of hats, playing different characters for their kids while happily doing multiple tasks. Are her efforts acknowledged or appreciated well enough? Maybe yes, maybe not. I am a mother and I realize what it takes to be one. In 2021, I wrote a series of roles a mother plays, trying to cover the obvious and the not-so-obvious ones. I tried to thank all the mothers by writing an A to Z series trying to cover all the roles/ characters she plays for her children.

In the light of, 2021, I wrote these 26 posts covering AtoZ of all the tasks, activities, roles that mothers play in the AtoZ challenge. Never thought I will turn these into a book. I hereby present these posts as a book titled – ‘Moms Be Everything’. After observing all the roles mothers play for their kids it really makes me proud to be a mom myself. We often don’t realize what we do for our kids. But this book was a kind of tribute as well as gratitude for all the mothers globally for their love and sacrifice.

Whats in the book

Additionally, My chapters are all titled from A to Z covering the roles mothers play.
For ex. –
With the letter “S” – Moms are Storytellers, Sleep scientists, shopping partners, and safety patrols too.
Then with letter ‘P’ – Personal Stylist, Personal trainer, personal assistant and more.
with letter ‘E’ – Encyclopedia, Educator, Event planner

So these are a few roles I had tried to find in this series for all the mothers. I hope you will love the series, which is now a book, and even the roles played by moms. Moms Be Everything’ is the collection of all hats worn by mothers.

Would like to once again thank Suhasini, Manas, Alpana, Deepika, and the uninterrupted internet for making this book happen. And a big thank you to my boys who gave me this role of being their mother and I realized how multitasked can I be. A big thankyou to Isha for designing this cover and providing me with lovely sketches for my book.

Moms Be Everything

Moms Be Everything

The book Moms be everything, is available on Amazon in Kindle format. Please do check this and let me know did you like the roles played by moms in her and if you find any roles interesting drop in the comments will sure add them with credits.

Through this book, I sincerely appreciate all the mothers for their efforts and I also thank them for the A to Z roles they play in bringing up the next generation of our mankind.

Do check my Green talks series to the eco friendly side of this mommy.

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