August 2018

August started with lots on list keeping me active and on toes with To-Do lists all over.
  • B’days on the list so loads of cakes, need to bake too and watch the weight too. Black forest cake, plum cake and death by chocolate too, uff I’m exhausted now. But being in bakers land I can’t afford to miss.
  • Few guests visiting my present snuggery in Nilgiris so pumped up myself for travel and hosting them. Purchased all the necessary stuff, prepared menus for those 4 days. We are a family of great hosts and I need to keep up the tradition and can’t miss out, so To-Do list has to be ticked.
  • My mom visiting after a long time since she retired last year, so have to pamper her back the way she did to me. Will try my best, but not sure how well I handle her comfort stay.
  • Exams are always on the list with M&M candies and it’s never a full stop. Projects, assignments are they for kids or moms??? still wondering?
  • It’s raining too much here and so maid unwell and on chutti, not an issue she was always a person in need so have to give her much needed break, took her to the doc and gave her little rest she was in need along with her medications. Mom did help me in this by saying I’m here so its okay let her take rest.
  • I wish and pray for people getting homeless due to rains, in my orgnaisation, already the flood relief camps are on the go.
  • My club meets this week and shopping is the theme, you mean seriously.
  • The month’s most loved market called aat bazaar took away the Sunday too, but happy shopping and picking essentials from flee market is always makes a happy day.
  • Independence day marathon, the “run for fun” was a much awaited event for me which is on top of my list. I Completed it successfully along with my kiddos and was relaxed and refreshed after the run in hills of Nilgiris.
Just half month is gone by and it still is endless

But I’m thankful for such eventful life and month so far.
I took a pledge of #apacktoshare and want the word to spread.Apacktoshare
I asked myself what’s my raison dêtre, the most important reason or purpose for my existence, and the answer came as my blog and my family.
raison dêtre was my word of the week to search in deep for my purpose, my life and my existence.
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7 Responses

  1. Are you based in the Niligiris? Or on a short stay there. Either way, lucky you!
    Have a great visit from your Mom.

  2. PraGun says:

    yes, I’m in Nilgiris, please feel free to visit. Thanks

  3. Suzy says:

    Enjoy your mum’s visit. I had visited the Nilgiris as a child many many moons ago. Very beautiful place.
    visiting via the Write Tribe linkup.

  4. ghazala786 says:

    Nice post , could relate to it as I was also too busy this month with guests .
    Yes the idea of giving some clothes and basic hygiene stuffs to our maids & helps is great

    • PraGun says:

      Thanks ghazala for appreciating, bingo we shared similar days hosting, I always believe in sharing is caring and that’s the least we can do.

  5. Anchal says:

    Hope you have a great September 🙂

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