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Come for a walk with me, in hills.

wowbadge Namaskar readers!

Let me take you for a walk today with me. I love walking and if it’s hills where I reside its like cherry on top of my walk. The lush green mountains, the green tea gardens, the pure oxygen, do I say more. Oh yes, the sounds in my ears are a bliss. Well, how so let’s move out for a walk and refresh your all 5 senses which for sure will sing the relaxing song once you are done.

Can you see that mountain?  So let’s take a walk today so you can have a look at sunset too. It’s 5 pm soon it will be sunset so let’s start. It’s 5 how I know, well the sweet sound of church bells always let me move on time, they are the melodious ton ton jingling sounds.

bell-2591582_1920 As the sun rises from early morning I get to hear sweet chiming bells from churches around my house, along with cock-a-doodle-do and clucking voices. Hey, can you hear that sparrow chirping? Arey it’s there breakfast time, I feed them millet and rice so they can come and feed my ears with th lovely chirping sound.

Meet my Guests

So these are my regular morning guests who twitter, chirp, cheep, coo’s, squawk,  and call daily in a way to greet me. Okay so let’s move out of the house. We are today going to follow this path. When I cross the lovely trees on both sides I’m gripped in psithurism. 20180428_182149.pngYou are going to be mesmerized by the touch of and feel of nature around this place. I feel that Sun-Sky-Soil all breathe in ample and I get such blissful views with nature’s sound that it’s like diving deep inside nature. Can you hear the sound of silence, of serenity, of calm? Yes, they have a special sound one can hear from the soul. 20181113_174921.png Hey did you hear that? No, hey It’s there see in the direction of the sound, yes on the treetop, listen carefully to those pretty squirrels chattering.

You might hear an alarm call, raised because of the presence of an intruder — which is you. So be calm, and move slowly without disturbing them. 20170905_162808 So here we come to the special spot of my walking trail. Close your eyes and tell me what you hear.

Listen to the babbles, ripples, and trickles. Yes, it’s the most relaxing sound for me and I can spend hours seeing and listening to this nature’s bountiful magic. This sound plays magic on me and has helped me find solutions to many of my problems whenever I get to sit and soak myself in this sound of flowing water. No music can match this effect.

Listen to the Sounds

Although in hills there are no big rivers or oceans or seas such small streams also serve the purpose and they too do there duty and role in nature’s abundance along with rustling sounds of leaves, mixed with the purling sound of the stream on small rocks/ hills. Have you noticed the bubbling sound when you throw the pebble in the water… “dubuk” 20170908_154728

Soon it will be time for these flying beauties to go back to there abode and so for us too. See that flying bird, in this calming silence, one can listen to the fluttering sound too.

The purring sound, barking sound, and even the baaing and bleating sound en-route seem as if they are all greeting us, talking with us, interacting with us. Can even hear the gossiping of ladies at the street corner. Some grunting is even heard near the bushes. And how can I miss the mooing of my milk buddy, ah, I mean the Holstein amazing milk producer in our area.

In hill, the wind sighs, whispers, whistles, howls as they blow in different frequencies and levels. Before the chill starts to blow let’s reach back home. Feeling refreshed it’s time to hear the sounds of my candies I mean my kiddos who are eagerly waiting for the evening milk and cookie. So it’s time for steaming and pouring of milk and also the sound of sizzling hot cuppa of ginger tea the perfect mate in these winters. And here I reach home to listen to sweet mew mew sounds of newborn kittens in backyard. And here comes the vroom sound of the Bullet which is back to the house after a long ride with my boy. Reaching home to the sounds of your favorite music played inside is returning to heaven feel.
“Ye haseen vadiyaa – “ये हसीं वादियां, ये खुला आसमां
आ गये हम कहाँ ऐ मेरे साजना
इन बहारों में दिल की कली खिल गयी
मुझको तुम जो मिले हर खुशी मिल गयी”

Getting soaked in this beautiful, bountiful nature is an amazing feeling. The magic played by the bluest of skies, the greens of trees, shrubs, herbs, etc. The magical sounds that can never irritate you but can only give calmness, peace and tranquility sounds. I am lucky to get soaked in this daily. I try to breathe in the fresh air deep within my lungs so it stays with me forever. My morning walks, my evening jogs, my yoga sessions all have helped me get closer to these beautiful Nilgiri hills. Balancing my panchtatwa’s and staying in connect with them I’m influenced, impressed, soaked in them. influenced-by-natureThis post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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26 Responses

  1. Oh what a blissful walk I had today! Thanks, I really enjoyed.

  2. Great take on the prompt…

  3. kislaya says:

    First of all – I really liked the concept of your blog inspired by ‘Panch Bhoot’
    Second – I enjoyed vivid description of each sound and the accompanying photos. Also very apt use of the word – Psithurism
    Great read…kudos

    • PraGun says:

      Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating, Thanks for liking the panchtatwa of my blogazine. And loads of thanks for loving the post. Thank u thank u thank u.

  4. Abhijit Ray says:

    Beautiful post and beautiful pictures. I envy you. You walk in lush green, inhale crisp air, and see stimulating vistas. Great!

  5. shravmusings says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful walk. You are really lucky to have such a blissful walk daily.

  6. Natasha says:

    Thanks Pragun, for takin us along with nature walk, which was wondrous to say the least.
    Thank you for linking up with #WW.

  7. Kalpana Solsi says:

    I can hear the sound of silence and calm. The click of the squirrel is done so timely.

  8. Beautiful post. Gorgeous pics.

  9. Such a lovely walk. Thank you!

  10. Loved how you have brought all this sounds alive. Most of them are a part of our daily lives and we get so habitual to them that we forget to appreciate them. Thanks for making me remember them. #readbypreetispanorama

  11. Shalzz says:

    What a beautiful post this is, Pragun. I can so relate to each and every word because I reside in a valley too. 🙂 Loved taking this pleasant and serene walk with you!

  12. Sudip Saha says:

    From tomorrow… Morning walks are not gonna be the same. We tend to overlook these sources of sounds.

  1. 1st May 2019

    […] Come for a walk with me in hills […]

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