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I is for Incredible India

I Incredible India nature’s paradise. The India that has given me my identity, nature’s paradise to be with it. I love the natural things around me and crave more to explore this beautiful country.   I am a proud Indian who writes about panch tattvas

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G is for Garden Greens

G is for Green     G is for garden Why garden? because I feel that’s the closest one is to nature in his or her surroundings.       Creating a garden to spending time there, talking to plants, nurturing them is a very stress releasing

F is for Fire

  Fire Also called Agni and is associated to Sun. Yet again I’m back to Panch Tatwa’s of nature. Fire is another important element, it represents growth, movement. It is the source of energy and light. It is hot in nature and even regulates the

E is for Earth

In continuation of Panch Tatwa’s, I will be writing on this very important element of Earth, Our very own Mother Earth. The one and only. The mother of all, Layer by layer by layer has it formed, The natures best gift for humans, The only

D is for Desert

Desert always brings the poet in me out…. Desert Oh Desert Who are you? I’m calm yet complex, I’m peaceful and quiet, I can see stars that shine very bright. I may be dangerous yet is distinctive, I may be barren but with a Beauty,

C is for Cloud

I never get bored of natural resources, they inspire me, motivate me, help me dream and be creative. Clouds are one such beautiful feature that makes me child once again. Be the child in you again and find the shape in the cloud above you.

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B is for Beach

This is nature’s necklace and how can one miss it when talking about nature’s gift in this nature theme writing. Since I’m focussing on natural things that inspire me in this theme, Beach is one of my all-time favorites. My best place in this world

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A is for Air

Hello all A to Z participants. So here I’m with my very first post to participate in this online challenge. Since I have decided to write about Panchtatwa’s and other natural elements which have always been an inspiration and motivation for me to write. I

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That fatherly face – #WATWB

The last Friday of month and I’m on We are the blog fest. Here’s how #WATWB works: On the last Friday of each month a number of bloggers participate in a blog hop in which each blogger highlights a story that spreads good news, happiness

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A must watch, a should watch, Do watch. “Breathe” is a very touching story which you live in each series. pic courtesy – amazon I am touched by the plot, and the general trivia was and added interest to read. A father’s struggle to save

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Hello Sun!

The Beautiful Sun-rays from north part of Incredible India. Wordless yet I speak volumes. The rising sun,the Valleys in front, The mountain so sturdy, the river so soft, The sun peeps out of clouds, Tells us it’s yet another day to feel proud. The sky

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A to Z challenge "What's my theme?"

So it’s time of the year when a blogger on blogosphere community is again churning his/her mind for this challenge. A to Z challenge was a new thing for me a few months ago when I stepped on this blog challenges world. Earlier I posted

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Rang bhari Ekadashi

Today is rang bhari Ekadashi This day falls between mahashivratri and Holi festival. It is celebrated in north and specially in banaras as its believed that Lord shiva and parvati came to Kashi after getting married for the first time. Kashi as it is is

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Happy sunrise to each day Happiness in every way. Happy 2018 Being a traditional soul I take this 1st Jan as English new year… gudi padva, smvat new year has yet to come. But i cant avoid the magic that flows in the air during

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Helping hand – #WATWB

So I plan to write for 30 minutes what better than sharing a story of person who work for betterment of this society. We are all humans and we have a lot to be grateful for. I am sharing about someone with helping hands, who

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Friday Foto fiction – September

The shares of his company were going great and touching year high again. He has left many emotions, many moments, many celebrations behind to reach this page of Business. He was the most successful, but what lies hidden in these pages is the news on

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Inspirational godfather – #WATWB

We are all humans and we have a lot to be grateful for. I am sharing about someone with helping hands, who is a human working towards positivity in this world.   Positive vibes can be felt from a distance and today I’m talking about

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SunSet with Brahmaputra

Beautiful; Sunset with the rivers of Brahmaputra from a cruise. An ultimate evening with dawn to remember.     Linking with SkyWatch

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Nostalgic Magic

That day was nostalgic for many reasons. I was in middle of no where. Past was getting closed and future was still unpacked. Present was flowing, clock was moving, nothing seem to stop. And silly me was wrapped up in past memories filling myself with

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शुभ विजयादशमी

Dussehra / Vijayadahmi is the last day of Navratri (september/ october as per tithi)which falls on the 10th day during the calender month of Ashvin. This celebration starts from Navratri and ends with the tenth day festival of “Dussehra”. Navratri and Dussehra is celebrated throughout

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Writing inspirations

Writing is a passion for me and so is reading. what inspires me to write is my blog, my workstation. When my spirit sags………I look for my workstation, My computer, my creative space, my day night hang out place, my world, my everything, it is

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Nostalgic box full of "Life" itself

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge #2 – Friday, Oct. 6 – PROMPT = Nostalgic The Box made me Nostalgic because it was a box full of my, our life. It was a feeling of pleasure and also slight

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September Story

Sorry you are leaving—- I can say this to September this year specially for many reasons. Yes September 2017 gave me this sorry feeling when my mother had to leave her job of several years and Location too where she had spent years working and

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September "Kauphi"

  Coffee/ “kauphi”/ Kick-start…. (this is how I love to spell it)… Nothing can beat the aroma of freshly beaten home made coffee.     Coffee given me ideas and this is how i get topic to blog. Aromas of Coffee bean and tea leaf are

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#FaveFiveFriday Lines from Literature

#FaveFiveFriday is an initiative by Buzz Magazine I love books and penning down favorite lines comes naturally to it. Some times you read such beautiful lines that one can not move ahead ignoring them. SO underline them or note them down is a good habit.

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My Friend

I love my blog and I love to explore myself through it. It makes me happy, It talks to me, it listens, it makes me creative. I recently came to know of Alexa rank. Well what is it was the first question and it gave

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