Book Review – Shrav’s Lockdown Adventures

Shrav’s Lockdown Adventures


What’s in the book?

International Lockdown is taking a toll on everyone. But what about children? How are they reacting to the lockdown? Playing and going out to meet their friends is a vital part of growing up in any child’s life. With this lockdown, we are robbing them of their simple pleasures. So what is happening to their ever-active mind?

No wonder growing up with kids is an ever-learning experience. We as parents grow, learn, explore, think, and even be like kids in this journey. 

This book happened when a mom decided to pen her kiddo’s thoughts in stories. 2020 taught us to live with Lockdown, and locked in a house with kids is yet another level of learning and experience. When a mother sees stories in kids’ activities is how a book was formed. 

How her kiddo coped and reacted to days of lockdown within the home. Not able to meet friends, locked inside the home, with no outside play was a different anew experience for all the kids. I know this kid as an ever-active cricket enthusiast and surely it is not easy to keep such active kids locked up. But kudos to mommy who saw a great opportunity in this lockdown too. 

This book covers how an ever-energetic seven-year-old boy Shrav is coping with this lockdown and what adventures he is having.


Why this book

I loved this book as the kiddo is very imaginative and expressive. The mother has well-expressed shrav’s thoughts in these stories. How kids learn from experiments and what their parents share is well seen in the stories. 

In each chapter along with kids’ adventure, you will find good scientific knowledge imparted to the kiddo via his mom with good examples. This book is not just stories but can be used as a perfect way to teach practical things and scientific knowledge with real-life examples. 

Be it learning about shadow or meteors, a black hole, or even being friendly with pets and animals,  these stories are great learning into simple things from daily life. All stories are great and even my kiddo loved them a lot. My favorite turned out to be the buddy or monster about gadget talk… 

Great work mommy dear, you have come up with really a nice book. I wish this mommy-son duo keep creating more such creative tales for us to enjoy.

Something that I missed in all the stories was your kiddos cricket love which I know is his passion, except for little net practice. I know he is not able to attend his cricket coaching and I’m sure he is missing it all big time. Look forward to season 2 of these stories with a bat telling its story to us. What say Shravnath?


How’s the Book?

Book Title: Shrav’s Lockdown Adventures

Genre: Parenting/ Stories

Author: Suhasini

Number of Pages: 25

Where to find the Book?

Available: on Blogchatter EBook Carnival

Who’s the Author?

Shravmusings is the pen name of a Mother and Son duo. Suhasini (the mother) has teamed up with her Son (Shravanth) to capture the amazing journey of Shravanth through his childhood and blogs at Shravmusings. Mom (Suhasini) captures her parenting approach and the books she reads on her Parenting blog at MommyShravmusings.

This is my view, I’m not a professional reviewer but sharing Review – my-view on a personal level.

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