The Patriots Legacy – Forbidden Treasure By Apurva Bhuta Book Review

Who’s & How’s of Book?

Book Title: Forbidden Treasure

Genre: Fiction/ thriller

Author:  Apurva Bhuta

Number of Pages: 302

Available at: Amazon

Forbidden Treasure is the debut novel of a successful entrepreneur Apurva Bhuta from Mumbai.

What’s in the book?

Young adventurers or call them young patriots are on a trail of a very big treasure that will take them across the world.

Michael, Teressa, Aaron, Mohammad, Linda, Vishal, and Jenny all are decoding the clues to the best of their abilities. It’s an exciting journey with them to travel the world and some of the rarest places.

From the Ad Deir temple in Petra and Lion Triclinium a huge monastery at Petra. With the Casket containing parchment comes a turning point in the tale which takes them to Machu Picchu to meet Mr. Pachauti in magical mountains. Then a stop at Mexican pyramids and from here I won’t tell you anything as this is where the mystery unfolds and it’s revealed when you just hold the book in your hands and travel together.


Why this Book?

Fiction novel needs to have an adventure, suspense, hidden treasures, and this book has it all. A complete fiction package for fiction lovers.  Hidden treasures and various series with suffix and prefix as well as clive Cussler novels are my all-time favorite and no wonder was intrigued by forbidden treasure.

A very interesting book that fascinated me from the beginning itself. I felt my self as the 8th character the 8th treasure hunter may be a silent observer among all of them.

Rulers of the Kingdom of Allegiance

The challenge is that the pieces of this code have been scattered in the most obscure places on earth, so get to travel globally for the search.

After a long time read a great fiction thriller adventure book. Took me back to my school days with secret 7. Even my kiddo is now keen to read it. Mystery and suspense keep you engaged and don’t let you keep the book down. Travel down old cities around the world with codes and clues kept me hooked to find what lies next.

Certainly, the weave of words is perfect and language is simple. Each chapter brings new surprises and twists in the tale. Must read for adventure fans.

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  1. Thanks for the review… Looks interesting will be buying one soon😊

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