A small letter to mother

Namaskar Aai,
I know It’s not very often when I write to you, I am a little unexpressive when it comes to saying
thank you or when I feel thankful. Today on mothers day when I got the opportunity I just grabbed it and
thought of writing to you.

mothers day
Tried a small rhythmic thank you note/ letter for you

Mom, You are that sunrise of my life that helped me see a beautiful sunrise with my eyes,
You gave me this opportunity to thank this nature for the Life I’m living and look up to the skies.
I’m so glad, You even named me with the meaning Purv/East from where the Sun Rise.
You nurtured and took care of me, with all my highs, lows, smiles as well as cries.

We have together sailed this life for many years,
be it happy or sad moments, difficult or easy situations,
we tried, we cried, we took it all in our stride

I am thankful for your upbringing, teachings, and learnings
They are my life’s best earnings.

When you feel proud of my parathas and cakes
it’s the best award I can ever get.
I still can’t match your taste,
but the smiling eyes say that it’s not a waste.

You are my ideal who made me the person that I am today.
which is the result of all the efforts you have invested in me every day. 
You packed Experiences, dreams, memories, opportunities, and surprises in boxes,
and took the decision to move ahead all alone with all gazes and praises.

I respect you from the core of my heart
I still need to learn the way to pull this cart.
You are an artist and sure living it is an art.

I Wish SunSeaSandSky balance your life in every way,
Let positivity and happiness stay with you everyday.
Love yours

MOTHER – definition my way

M – is for the Master chef in you, I still can’t match your taste. And the magical power of being a Multitasker that you are. The multiple roles you play are truly unmatched.

O – is for Omnipotent and Omniscient you, who had answers to all my queries. 

T is for Teachings you gave me, which helped me learn and understand life better. 

is for the Hardworking soul that you are and that too with Honesty

is for the Extraordinary woman I saw in you. 

R is for a Remarkable personality you carry, I feel proud to see your students, relatives, friends, and family praise you for being the strong woman that you are. 

You can hear my mothers day letter here-

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