2020 – the year that was

The year 2020 bids goodbye
I picked up my pen & tried to amplify
A year that changed us
It even challenged us
A year that brought hopes
But it even tightened ropes
We dated it, yet we rated it
Some liked it, but many hated it
2020 the year that was...
A number in history to remember.
Here I'm looking back again
Do I have takeaways or ponderings?
I Will just turn my calendar once today
Dates months & weeks that passed upon
Like a long lost valley, filled with hills,
Life comes with its chills & thrills.
When I look back to the year that was
I realize Life is not laid as per laws.
I faced many twists and turns
It brought ups and downs too
Realizations and revelations
Thoughts without justifications.
The truth hit hard & life opened an old book
On the brightly lit night of the blue moon,
My muse peeped from behind the trees.
Some words scattered in the air,
Whom I happily gathered within.
I gazed unblinkingly at my muse for long,
And words started to weave along...
The first quarter of the year drove me crazy
The second one made me fresh as a daisy,
And third-quarter just cleared thoughts that were hazy.
But it's just a year that changes the calender,
It's a date that will be gone forever.
We will gossip we will ponder
We will discuss and we will even wonder
A year came and changed the course of our paths
Life is not as easy popping like a eureka thought.
We learned, we stayed
We hoped and we prayed
Some smiles some cries
Crazy days on the rise
Some sleepless nights
Let's just be on this roller coaster ride.
Time once gone won't ever come back,
2020 will remain in minds like a whack.
Another year finds its place on the walls
Life and time will walk non-stop...

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