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2020 – the year that was

The year 2020 bids goodbye I picked up my pen & tried to amplify A year that changed us It even challenged us A year that brought hopes But it even tightened ropes We...


कोई दूर होकर भी इतने करीब क्यों आ जाता है?

ये ऐसा क्यों हो जाता हैकोई कही दूर हो कर भीइतने करीब आ जाता हैएक जादू एक आवाजएक सोच एक एहसास न बोले वो तो शाम ढलती नज़र आती हैबस उसका एक शब्द भीसुनहरी...


Ek baar mud kar jaroor dekh lena

A lot has been said about suicide prevention. All that I want to share is please please speak up. I know the feeling don’t allow one to share, but try, at least try to...