What you need to know about ionisers and coronavirus

With the pandemic threat still ongoing, anything that can bring us hope to get rid of the virus is welcome news. All our concerns are to breathe pure, fresh, virus free air. Heightened focus on the role of microscopic respiratory droplets that play a major role in the spread of the virus has brought attention to air cleaners and ionisers. We don’t realise but even when we breathe, sneeze, cough we automatically release respiratory droplets. Taking into consideration the Covid-19 pandemic or even if you have certain allergies, are asthmatic, or have any respiratory related issues, air purifiers and Ionisers are now slowly going to become a necessity.

What are ionisers

Ionisers are used to remove small particles using negative ions. They help improve air quality inside the house or room and even the office. Scientifically Ionisers give electrical charge to air particles, which helps to pull them towards something that has opposite electric charge. Research says that a negative ion generator, as in an ioniser can control viruses, fungi and even bacteria in a closed space. Ionisers are completely safe as they emit negative ions which are harmless to us. 

I recently read this statement where Donald Milton, an infectious disease aerobiologist at the University of Maryland, also recommends cleaning indoor air, through air filtration and ultraviolet sanitizing light. “You wouldn’t drink water downstream from another town without treating it. But we breathe air from other people without treating it,” he says.

air purifiers and Ionisers

Make indoor air safer during the COVID pandemic

We all know that Covid-19 virus can get transmitted with the inhalation of the virus in the air. With an infected person in a room or indoor closed space, the particles can stay in the air for long and become airborne. Now, this air transmission of the virus is proving to be the biggest threat. Especially because it can get transmitted via sneezing, coughing, speaking, or breathing the air that contains virus bearing aerosols. And this is where the need for pure fresh air arises. To make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic becomes a necessity for all of us. Here, room air purifiers and Ionisers play an important role in our daily choices. 

Why do we need ioniser/ air purifier

In the first place, if someone in your house or office is COVID positive or is in quarantine it certainly makes sense to have an air purifier inside. The charged ions from ionisers are actually activated oxygen, which helps to inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air, thus purifying the air around us. Ionisers make closed space healthy to breathe by removing unhealthy particulates, or odours from the air by emitting negative ions as a way to clean itself. To make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic, choose the best for yourself. 

air purifiers and Ionisers

Burge ion Dome

However, If you are looking for reasons to buy an ionisers and air purifier or searching for the best air ioniser and not sure where to look for it? Here is a trusted brand, Burge Electronics with a vision to improve people’s health and promote healthy living. Burge is offering a range of health and hygiene products for clean and healthy air in your house. Similarly, besides the now available Burge ion Dome virus neutralizer, they also intend to release products such as Car virus neutralizers, Anti-aging face masks, Hydrogen water, etc.

Watch this video to Make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic and take a closer look at the Burge ion Dome in this video. 

Burge ion dome is an innovative product built with proper research and study. It is designed to kill viruses and is well tested by ICMR and ILAC approved labs. You can check theproducts on the Burge Electronics website and on Amazon. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Above all, Now is the time to #BreathePureStayHealthy and choose the best for yourself, your family and your loved ones. 

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