The letter D and what it brought with it.

Time to check the “D” list today
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Dulce De Leche

We’ve drooled over it in ice cream and we love them in our Choco-Churro Donuts, so it was inevitable that the sweetened caramelized milk finally found its place in the dictionary.


The best way to maximize your chip and guac-eating experience is to load up on the dip. That’s why we won’t blame you for taking your first bite and going back in for another scoop. (Though some of your more clean-conscious friends might not agree).


If you love searching for hidden treasures with your metal detector, you can now point to your exact title in Merriam-Webster.


Let’s check out the gadgets that helped us learn new things

The main I will mention is Drone


First of all, drones were around long before 2010, but this was the decade when they really took off, literally. Suddenly, they were under Christmas trees and in even in stockings. Now, a range of drones is available—from super high-tech models like the DJI Mavic Pro to the small, dinky spinners you can find on Amazon for $5.

Their prevalence proved to be a challenge for several industries. Drones have shut down airports and even halted firefighting efforts across the West. With great power comes great responsibility. Regulators are now tightening restrictions, which could make it more difficult to own and operate the flying machines.

Above all, From clicking pictures via drone camera to zipline drones have certainly changed our lives big time.

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I even read the following awesome use of drone-

Robot bees by Walmart

Walmart is looking to revolutionize farming processes with the use of robotic alternatives to bees.

Furthermore, Taking the form of a multicopter – a type of aerial vehicle that flies using two or more rotating blades – the “bees” would use cameras and sensors to find the locations of crops where they would distribute pollen.


MantaDroid by National University of Singapore

Designed to be used for underwater surveillance and marine biodiversity studies, the MantaDroid mirrors the moves and looks of a mantra ray, to disguising it in aquatic surroundings.

It offers an inconspicuous alternative to conventional underwater vehicles


Zipline by Harvard graduates and the Rwandan Government

The world’s first commercial medical supplies drone delivery system, Zipline, is designed to deliver blood, vaccines, and other critical supplies to health workers in remote areas.

Also, Prompted by a mobile phone message, the drones deliver supplies via parachute within minutes; each can fly 500 deliveries in 24 hours, carrying up to 1.5 kilograms at a time


Drones for Agriculture

In simple terms, you can scan your crop, map the surface, deliver items and count animals using drones. Crop field scanning with compact multispectral imaging sensors.


To conclude, the era of drones has shifted from being merely a device used to take pictures to a device that will (hopefully) solve some of the gripping problems around the world surrounding food, safety, and transportation.


Likewise, Drones have now become a part of our day by day life. The device, as changed the way we look at our surroundings by giving an all-new angle for viewing. DJI’s Phantom, which first made its entry in 2013, is the best example for drones in modern society. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Drones have now become a part of our day by day life. The device, as changed the way we look at our surroundings by giving an all-new angle for viewing. DJI’s Phantom , that first made its entry in 2013, is the best example for drones in modern society. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)



– a cloud storage solution. A free account with Dropbox gives you 2GB of cloud storage helping you to access your documents quickly and easily on all of your devices


  –  a social bookmarking tool that lets you keep a collection of bookmarks synced across devices, annotate and share bookmarks and join groups that interest you



For more D apps check this out.


That’s all for today

Visit again to check more new words and apps with the next letter in series.

My theme for A2Z-2020 is peeping into new words and gadgets/ apps that time traveled in our lives in the last decade

and became part of our lives beyond separation now.

Wanna peep into my D post for tiffin treats…

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18 Responses

  1. Alpana says:

    I remember myself telling my kids to use double dip when eating chips and salsa or with guacamole. Drones are playing a crucial role in COVID19 situation too.

  2. Deepika says:

    Great! I am happy that I am here to learn some words and apps and gadgets related to the world. Yeah! Drone technology is helping to solve the very crucial situations in some places.

  3. Matheikal says:

    That turned out to be informative for me.

  4. Again an informative post. A friend of mine does drone cam photography. I really like this tiny helicopter. Loved your post Pragun.

  5. Very nice post Pragun. A few days ago I was telling my son about a drone! Looking forward to reading all your posts

  6. You are a tech geek and I am technically challenged 🙂 Thanks for the detailed pros and cons of drones. responsibility and accountability shud be there.

  7. Well no double dip for me…And the only drone I know is the one they use to shoot shaadis nowadays…Capturing every damn thing…From awkward dance moves to the food in your plate.
    Enjoyed being here!

    • Haha true even I was annoyed when I attended one drone cam Shaadi, it seems they are after u.
      But drones have actually changed the picture, have you seen URI movie, I had loved how it was so helpful in the operation.

  8. Roma says:

    Happy to get my daily dose of learning, am such a drone fan or rather my son has made me one😊

  9. I am learning a lot from your posts. My only exposure to drones are the ones being used at weddings. Thanks for these lovely posts

    • Thank you Arushi for finding it informative.
      Haha and for me marriage drones were last in list as I had explored the other angles first. But they are everywhere.

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