C is for Cloud

I never get bored of natural resources, they inspire me, motivate me, help me dream and be creative.
Clouds are one such beautiful feature that makes me child once again.
Be the child in you again and find the shape in the cloud above you.
found an interesting one isn’t it?
An artist will found ample of things other than evaporation, condensation, whatever science is involved in it. See it with your eyes and every eye will show a different image.
I have always loved to catch the glimpse and click of clouds when I m flying.
They are speechless, wordless, and wonderful.
White, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey, Red and much more. They are an artists platter.
They look like 3-D graphics sometimes or just amazing formations to view for hours.

I’m not an expert but a lot of studies has been done on types of clouds and there and variety of them to think and ponder upon. there are high level, mid level and low level and many subtypes of it too. For more info check this – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cloud_types
Its the instant click I took just right out of my verandah, Ah it says so much to me.
See, no two clouds are similar. There are so many names to them. There are Cirrostratus clouds, Cirrocumulus clouds, Cirrus clouds, Altocumulus clouds, Altostratus clouds, nimbostratus clouds, Stratus clouds, Cumulus clouds, Cumulonimbus clouds, Stratocumulus clouds, to name a few.
Did you know of them…well for me they were more of tongue twisters but yes a knowledge to gain and learn? there are many series under each of them as per there size, shape, pattern, thickness etc. So get to know the nature around you better.
Go have a look at the clouds
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11 Responses

  1. Lovely post it was. Loved the way you expressed your love for clouds. I too have the habit of finding shapes in the cloud. Interesting to know the different names of clouds. Loved the quote at the end.

  2. Alubhujiablog says:

    I never knew such names . It was lovely to read that if u miss a star then grab some clouds . In either case u touch the sky

  3. Love the last picture!!
    I can relate to many things in your writing!!
    Enjoying my time here 🙂

  4. Rashmi says:

    Wow! Nice description of clouds. It’s definitely interesting to watch the different formations of clouds. I love it. But I was least aware of these names that you mentioned. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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