Book Review – Easy Indian Fusion Cooking

Easy Indian Fusion Cooking


Harjeet Kaur

Let’s peep in the Book?

Harjeet comes up with some awesome breakfast and chicken dinner recipes in this book. Breakfast being the first and main meal of the day, it’s so good to have something healthy, nutritious, and colorful on your plate, isn’t it? 

Breakfast is essential for all ages, and certainly, after hours of sleep, it helps refill blood sugar and energy levels back in our bodies. One needs 

Easy Indian Fusion cooking‘ certainly brings Indian fusion recipes, tried and tested, doable, and super tasty in one book. 

There is a mixed platter of recipes Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and Moroccan too. 

Out of all the recipes the appe/ paniyaram, vegetarian oi.e. mung dal chilla, grilled garlic potato wedges, corn salad in cucumber boats were my favorites which I had tried making following her recipe. Although I’m a vegetarian, still all her chicken recipes were also drool-worthy and I also felt like trying them once at least. Especially the chicken kababs, crispy chicken, kadhai chicken, yummy Moroccan lemon chicken, and one-pot Mexican chicken and rice made me feel like digging and having them now. The pictures actually make one hungry by just watching them. If that’s the feeling I get from pictures I’m sure when I taste them live it is sure gonna be a lifetime experience. One recipe which amused me was the uber-cool eggplant pizza/ keto recipe. It was one unique recipe I still have to try. The book is a treat to the eyes and stomach too. 


Why this book?

When you pick this book the very first thing is you are lost in the beautiful pictures Harjeet has shared. Cookery books with such awesome pictures make you eat the platter there and then. All recipes along with such yummy pictures also tell a story. A story about the recipe and a few from the author too. Loved her recipe making style and photography skills both and this book certainly gives ample of them. 

All the recipes are simple, made with ingredients easily available within the home. All recipes tell a story and its a great info one gets related to the recipe. She calls herself jugaadu cook and it’s fun to see how cleverly and with jugaad mixes ingredients and spices. That’s the beauty of her fusion cooking where she combines her experience, way of cooking, spices, and raw material to create a yummy dish on the plate. 

I did miss your desserts and pudding in this book. Although I had enjoyed a lot of summer drinks, popsicles, pudding faluda, and jelly too in your last book. 

How’s the Book?

Book Title: EASY INDIAN FUSION COOKING: A Melange of Nutritious Breakfast & Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes (Recipes from Wordsmithkaur Book 2) Kindle Edition

Genre: Cooking

Author: Harjeet Kaur 

Number of Pages: 111


Who’s the Author?

Harjeet Kaur is an acclaimed blogger and freelance content writer who wrote on varied topics ranging from Food, gardening, lifestyle, etc. Her blog is listed among the top 100 in her area of expertise. A passionate home chef who is always cooking up something interesting in her kitchen. 

As in the words of the author herself – “Cooking is easy, cooking is simple. I can hear many smirks on reading this. If you treat cooking as a chore it will be just that. Make cooking a pleasure. Have bright cooking essentials in the kitchen, play your favorite music. Act as if you are creating a magical potion instead of a dish. Pour some love 💕 into it and Voila! You have a finger-licking dish ready. Cooking is meditation as it needs utmost concentration and a great school stress buster.”

Harjeet is interested in everything that’s arty and aesthetic. She loves reading, spending time with youngsters and kids. Extrovert to the core and optimistic. She believes in living in the present! Love to live it to the fullest!

So now you well know what is hidden in the book, the magic potion of an enthusiast cook. So what are you waiting for? Grab this book and try out the recipes. 


Where to find the Book?

Available: Kindle Edition on Amazon  

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2 Responses

  1. This is so beautiful Pragun…I am so touched. I didn’t realise that my book was this good..u make me out to be a gournet cook when I ma just a jugaadu one 🙂 Mucho love <3

    • Thanks a lot, Harjeet for liking it.
      I’m not a pro at reviews but your book was worth a read.
      You are no where a jugaadu cook, have always loved your recipes and pics a lot, ask me what is jugadu cook…hahaha

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