Self hygiene leads to internal happiness

“Take Care of your body, It’s the only place you have to live.”

Health and hygiene are so much part of our daily lives. But sometimes we unknowingly forget the hygiene connected to our body and especially intimate areas. When we are clean it shows on our face and body. Proper hygiene is a habit that all females must incorporate. Intimate areas are very susceptible to infections and it’s very important to take good care.

What is an intimate wash?

An intimate wash is a solution formulated especially for women to cleanse the intimate areas.  It helps to balance the pH level to help keep a healthy vagina and supports good bacteria. The pH level of your skin is 5.5 whereas your vaginal pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5, so using soap will change the pH level of the vagina. Intimate wash ensures to maintain pH levels that get disturbed due to chemicals of soap or even diet patterns or other reasons.

Women need to make sure the usage of intimate wash as the intimate area is prone to excessive vaginal discharge, irritation, and itching which increases discomfort along with maintaining the correct healthy pH level.

Everteen natural intimate wash

I recently bought ever teen intimate wash and was glad to find they have special washes for moms, teens, and foam-based wash too. Everteen bring you intimate washes like a simple intimate wash, for moms, teens, and in foam. Check out this awesome intimate care solution which is easily available on their site for your intimate care.

Intimate wash for Moms

The natural intimate wash for moms contains witch hazel, an active natural ingredient that helps prevents vaginal infections. With neem, tea tree oil that has ample of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection this wash becomes a favorite. Aloe vera certainly ensures skin soothing and moisturizing effects.

Moms especially need this protection as Pregnancy hormones cause acidic changes in the vaginal area. Intimate wash for moms is specially formulated for women during and after pregnancy. It is meant to gently cleanse the intimate area, maintaining freshness throughout the day.

Intimate wash for Teens

The intimate wash for teens comes with yogurt which certainly has lactobacillus for vaginal health and provides relief from itching and burning. An all-natural ingredient intimate wash which has no chemicals and is mild enough for sensitive skin is the right product.

Teenage young girls talk a lot about beauty products for face, body even hair but rarely discuss the products for intimate hygiene. It is extremely important to maintain personal and intimate hygiene not just for clean and fresh feel but to prevent vaginal infections, itching, irritation, bad odor, and other health hazards.

Natural Intimate Foam Wash

Foam based wash equally protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the necessary pH balance. Foam wash comes in a handy pack and is best suited as your travel buddy and ven can be easily kept in your hand purse. The foam wash contains neem, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil which protects the sensitive skin and is aloe based that nourishes. Foam wash cleanses, moisturizes, and helps in reducing irritation, itching, and infection growth.

Certainly makes you make feel fresh and filled with intimate care. It’s light and foamy and cares for the intimate area.


Natural intimate wash – regular

This regular wash is suitable for all to maintain complete vaginal hygiene. all-natural active ingredients have antimicrobial properties that’s help remove unpleasant odor, infection, and irritation. It’s safe for daily use and helps in preventing infection and gives relief from consistent itching or burning vaginal area.


Get that special care for special areas

So what are you waiting for, grab a pack of intimate wash and avoid using soap or shower gels? Its easy to use and simple use instructions are also mentioned on the packs. Intimate wash is safe and you can use the intimate wash every day but use an intimate wash that contains natural ingredients.

Intimate wash is recommended for special care on a daily basis. We can even use them after using a dirty toilet to keep safe from getting infections. Regular use also helps to decrease vagina discharges. Our safety and precautions and our health hygiene are certainly in our own hands. Just a few steps towards cleanliness and hygienic practices can help get a fresh and happy feel.

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