Let’s peep in the Book?

Culinary tales by Alpana Deo is her culinary journey while living in the USA and how she learned and experimented with the kitchen basics.  Living outside India certainly one craves for home-cooked meals, sometimes we just miss it and sometimes we try to find the ways to make it. Newly married and away from India this book is her experiences and experiments well compiled.

The book began with my favorite sabudana Wada and batata Wada. All the recipes are simple to make and with awesome images. Simple to follow steps in all the recipes, along with some nice tempting pictures its a great read. Each and every recipe is a treat for eyes as well as taste. I loved all starters in the book and also the serving suggestion and notes give a good idea about the recipe. The masala puri and gakar pithle in the book just made me nostalgic as it’s my favorite and often made dishes.

Why this book?

“Culinary Tales” is a compilation of home-made vegetarian recipes that every home chef is sure to like. It will not only give you a variety of Indian recipes but also introduce you to many interesting facts regarding Indian Cuisine and dishes.

She has sure tried her best to bring Indian flavors right in your kitchen with a collection of selected recipes. 

If you are looking for some great appetizers like – samosa, moong dal or batata Wada, aloo or khasta kachori, cutlets or even chips then grab the book. Not only this there are ample recipes for breakfast like – upma, poori, Frankie, rolls, or even parathas. You get to choose from some awesome side dishes and dips like – poppers, chili mushroom, tofu pulao, corn rice, etc. All this certainly sounds yummy isn’t’ it? So just don’t wait to check how to make these culinary dishes and check out this book. 

A great handy book for a variety of options from starters to the main course, even side dishes, desserts & icecreams. All recipes are simple to make and follow methods. Images are nice & serving suggestions & notes give a good idea to make the dishes. Loved it.

How’s the Book?

Book Title: Culinary Tales – Indian Recipes For Every Home Chef Kindle Edition

Genre: Cooking

Author: Alpana Deo

Number of Pages: 88


Image may contain: text that says "MOTHERS GURUKUL BRINGS Culinary Tales Indian Recipes For Every Home Chef BY ALPANA DEO"


Who’s the Author?

Alpana Deo is the founder-editor-writer and the person behind Mother’s Gurukul.

She has a Masters’s degree in Business Administration. After working in India for some time, her marriage brought her to the USA.  With a desire to stay connected to the management field, she volunteered at some places and made new friends and connections. During this process, she went back to her hobby of writing.

She is a Guest contributor for few websites namely Parents, Indian Moms Connect, World of Moms, Hindi Gym, Bonobology.

Other than that, she is an NRI Contributor & Citizen Journalist for the prestigious Times of India (TOI). Also, you can read her interview on various other parenting platforms. She is a great homemaker (another area of management, which she manages so well), being the mother of two cute angels. 

Mother’s gurukul came into existence with a thought of sharing her experiences with other fellow Moms.

She is a published author of two great books. 

  1. The girl in the new town 
  2. Culinary Tales

Another field of great interest is in podcasting. She is a podcaster at some great platforms and hosts two podcasts one in Hindi and one in English on the IVM network platform.

  1. Baton Baton Mein
  2. Mother’s Gurukul


Where to find the Book?

Available: Kindle Edition on Amazon

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  1. Alpana says:

    Thank all a lot for this warm review Pragun. I am glad you liked the book and the collection. Would love to see up ur pictures whenever you try any of the recipes. And yes, Batata Wada is my all time favorite too.

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