“S” that came in our life last decade


When it comes to S it becomes plural. I mean there are so many word(s) that entered our lives with just the letter S. So let’s check a few of them-



Definition: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.


Introduced: June 2014

Oxford dictionary definition: Have a spoken conversation with (someone) over the Internet using the software application Skype, typically also viewing by webcam.


The most popular Urban Dictionary definition for snowflake tells us exactly where it came from and what it’s supposed to mean:

“A term for someone that thinks they are unique and special, but really are not.”


Feeling salty is akin to feeling upset or angry — usually over something minor, like getting teased.


Yeah, you can call your sunglasses shades, but the singular form can mean suspicious or disrespectful behavior. Ever casually dissed something? That’s considered throwing shade.


To slay means to kill something — in a good way. Aced a test? You slayed it. Wearing something amazing? You’re slaying!

Screen Time

We are spending so much time looking at screens that the experts at Merriam-Webster felt the need to add a term about it. On some devices, you can even see just how many minutes (or hours…) you’re gazing down at your phone or browsing on your laptop.


Superfans have been calling themselves this for a while now, but it can also be a verb. Who else stanned for the Backstreet Boys?

Alphabet, 3D Albhabet, Letters, Color

Now coming over to gadget Gyan-

The ​Self-Driving Car

Google and Apple secretly started testing fully autonomous cars in the first half of this decade. Most of the major car manufacturers, plus ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, have since followed suit, and today, passengers can hail driverless cabs being beta tested in cities like Phoenix and Pittsburgh. Thanks to machine vision and some super-sophisticated artificial intelligence, the technology promises to make the roads a whole lot safer, resulting in 90 percent fewer deaths, according to the most optimistic estimates. At least one industry is not looking favorably on this innovation hitting roads more broadly: the nation’s nearly four million truck and taxi drivers.


“Selfie” was Oxford Dictionaries’ 2013 Word of the Year, and shortly after came the boom of the selfie stick. Useful for taking wide-angle shots without having to give your phone to someone else, the selfie stick became popular with vloggers and tourists alike. In New York City, the most visited city in America, you couldn’t walk through Times Square without having to dodge oblivious tourists’ floating phones. But by 2015, careless injuries and even deaths while using selfie sticks caused their ban at some museums, music festivals, and Disney World. The selfie stick trend has waned since then, and with increasingly wide-angle smartphone cameras, it’s probably a gadget that’s best left in the past. —Adia Watts


S for Sales, sales everywhere

Big, grand, maha and some more. E-commerce companies will soon run out of names for their sales but the discounts will always be there. 2018 was a year when it seemed like there’s a perennial sale on Amazon, Flipkart or Paytm

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My theme for A2Z-2020 is peeping into new words and gadgets/ apps that time traveled in our lives in the last decade

and became part of our lives beyond separation now.

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10 Responses

  1. Selfie is probably the word of the decade. It has become such an important part of our lives. Well done on the choice of words.

  2. Selfie rules our lives now. My father and husband think they have ruined people. I have seen people standing on the middle of the highway taking selfies. All these words are a part of our language and life now. Thanks for compiling

  3. Alpana says:

    Yayyy…finally. I know all the words in this post. My daughter introduced me to the word Salty.

  4. Deepika says:

    I found the choice of words very interesting. Selfie is the soul of today’s era. Very true. Stan is the word which I didn’t know.

  5. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Selfies have started dominating our lives and consciousness! Can’t believe the word was only introduced this decade!

  6. Wow so many words…I knew all of them except for salty…and who doesn’t love selfies and sales! 😁😜

  7. wow amazing list of words, and luckily I had heard all before except stan..this is the new learning for the day. thanks a lot dear for increasing my knowledge.

  8. I felt nice after reading this post as I knew all the words except Stan. Excellent choice of words.

  9. That’s really interesting… it seems The S has taken back all the old words and gave a new life to them. Some I heard and some are new for me, thanks for teaching them.

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