F is for Fire

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Fire Also called Agni and is associated to Sun.
Yet again I’m back to Panch Tatwa’s of nature.
Fire is another important element, it represents growth, movement.
It is the source of energy and light.
It is hot in nature and even regulates the temperature of our body.
Food is like yagna to our body. its like aahuti to hunger.

Eat for Agni, Food is like yagna to our body. its like aahuti to hunger.
yes, we eat not to fill merely our stomach or hunger.
But its a act of consuming and like aahuti in yagna,
वदनि कवळ घेता नाम घ्या श्रीहरीचे ।
सहज हवन होते नाम घेता फुकाचे ।
जिवन करि जिवित्वा अन्न हे पूर्णब्रह्म ।
उदरभरण नोहे जाणिजे यज्ञकर्म ॥१॥
Vadani kaval gheta nam ghya shree hariche. Sahaj havan hote, nam gheta phukache. Jeevan kari jivitva anna he poornabrahma. Udarbharan nohe janije yadnya karma”. Jai Jai Raghuvir Samarth. Jai Jai Raghuvir Samartha!!!
This shloka means oh lord, thanks for the food you have given me on my plate. I accept this food as a prasadam after offering it to you and pray. Don’t eat only fulfill hunger, but it’s like a religious ritual like yagna.
I thank all elements of this nature for this food I eat.
It’s not only hunger I eat it’s for the Agni energy to seek.
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9 Responses

  1. Meena says:

    Every day before eating, I chant the shloka
    Aham vaishvanarobhutva, praninaam dehamaashritam, pranaapaana samaayuktham pachamannam chaturvidham
    Loved your post

    • Wow thats a good sloka, i think i had read its meaning it goes – I take form of fire for sigestion in all stomachs, and combine it with my breaths, and thus I digest the food.

  2. In the religion I grew up in, all eating is a way to connect back to our Creator. Fire is an element that can consume us, but also warms and nourishes us.

  3. Agni is the power of our body but when used without thinking can destroy us.

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