My unsaid poem

He wasn’t a hero

neither was he any zero

He’s one who’s name I bear,

He’s the one who gave me my features.

I have his glimpse says all to me,

But i still miss that look like me.


When some one talks about it,

I miss that face and all that with it.

Through the good times and bad,

its only the memories now which I have.

I miss that I dont have an guardian angle…


When they say girls are more attached to them,

My heart skips a beat as there is no one who will come.

When I cant find mine and cant express as its too far

I just keep on thinking and look at that star.

Pencil, Sharpener, Notebook, Paper, Education, Supplies

I sit and look back to remember

its only memories which keeps on growing forever.

Many unsaid, untold stories and tales

It’s all inside which will never be mailed.

It is all unsaid, It is all deep inside,

It’s the feeling that has still not dried.

I missed your presence when I stepped in other world

I missed you when a new being stepped in my world too


In life, Some relations are must

But life again we can’t trust.

It teaches us to live with or without

It teaches us it is you whom it is all about.

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  1. Yes, life teaches us so many things.

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