Book Review – Tech Know Logy

What’s in the book?

Gadgets and Technology have invaded our lives beyond imagination. They have pros and cons both but are we aware of the technology gadgets, the terminology we use in our daily life? If no then this book is the answer. Author @theSudipSaha tells you all about all of them in his new book ‘Tech Know Logy’.

The book has A to Z of technological and digital terminologies. It is sure to help everyone using technology in whichever way. It’s a ready reckoner and quick help book. If you are a student or an adult it is helpful to all ages using the present age technology.

Why this Book?

Firstly I loved the name the way the author has used the word technology with a twist of no to know.
Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. It has changed our lives. Computer knowledge has become essential as it improves efficiency and productivity in all aspects of our professional life. This book is an attempt to provide sound theoretical knowledge about the various types of technology that we use in our daily life.

There are some very simple terms we use but sometimes we may not be aware of there exact meaning like cloud computing, X86, X84, What is QR code, GDPR, micro-blogging, types of firewall, types of hackers too and much more. In this book which has a list of 26 AtoZ terms will help you understand them easily. It’s a quick handy book in today’s time not only for adults but a great read for young people too. We sometimes read a lot about digital media unaware of the technicalities behind the name so just refer this book and you will be at ease.

My recommendation : must for school going kids, as it introduces them to complex technologies as well as the world of blogging.

How’s the Book?

Book Title: Tech-know-logy

Genre: Non-Fiction

Author: Sudip Saha

Number of Pages: 58

Where to find the Book?

Available: Ebook in PDF In Blogchatter Library.

This review is a part of BlogChatter Book review program. I am loving this journey of eBook reading with #BlogchatterEbook, who has given authors a great platform to showcase their books.

Who’s the Author?

Sudip Saha is a technology enthusiast, who practically live and breath all things technology. He is a well-known technology influencer, who always spreads tech awareness and promotes digital literacy Sudip is a member of Digit SQUAD,’s elite club of premier technology enthusiasts in India. Sudip completed his graduation in Computer Science & Engineering. He was the School Topper in National Cyber Olympiad, 2010. His hobbies are surfing the Internet and working with new software.

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    Thanks for your review and recommendation.

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