Sketch, Create and spread happiness!

Remember the days when we use to write cards for our loved ones. I use to love it a lot and use to make loads of images in the cards and wish my family and friends for a particular occasion. I had always loved drawing sketches on different moods and guess what today I got a site that can even showcase the images. Do you sketch, Do you draw, Do you scribble then share your images at Happyzozo.

What you need to do?

  • Just make your account on Happyzozo by filling an online form on their site.
  • Choose your favorite categories and there you go, just start making your sketches.
  • Happyzozo believes in spreading happiness. So start spreading your happy images and submit them, once it gets approved you will on their site and what more there is a chance to earn also. Yes, you heard me right,
  • You get paid ₹ 15 per image for the first 100 images and ₹ 30 per image after the count of 100 is crossed.

I also plan to refresh my sketching days with Happyzozo and this is my first sketch just for the beginning.

So from now on, you know that if you need to send a dear friend Happy Birthday card and you are thinking of images just click on Happy Birthday images and you have a collection to choose from.

Not only birthday even your friend or relatives mood is happy or sad you can always send the sketch that suits the mood. Just now I had to say sorry to my kiddo as I was not able to play with him yesterday and ta-da guess what I did I just click on Happy images on happyzozo and I found the image for “happiness is playing with kids”

I showed it to him and there was a smile on his face to play again. I just simply loved the site more because I love hand made things, drawings, art, and sketches have always been my favourite. So capture your happy moments in your kesches for lifetime.

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