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Nature is canvas, random are thoughts. Straight & honest is the soul. It’s all an art. -PraGun “Namaskar” 🙏🏼 Welcome to Pragun Tatwa – An Indian blogzine by an Indian og Mommy blogger. We women adorn many hats being in the role of a female.

Thursday Tree Love – September

Nilgiris – the nature’s paradise This page is a very beautiful one from my travel diary. Full of greenery and rare plants. A must-see place for nature lovers. Sim’s Park is among one of the beauties of Coonoor city. You can see many varieties of

Live in Harmony With Nature

It is essential to Live in Harmony with nature to nourish our soul, and feeling more balanced and joyful in our lives. Our daily lives can have a big impact on nature, and we are now beginning to look to nature to find solutions to

“Wada Paav” Xploring Maharashtra street food

I love street food and being Maharashtrian Wada paav the yummy bun dumpling or call it Indian fatty cutlet as my dear friend ash says it, is my all-time favorite. What better way to start your day tasting Bharat ka zaika with this wonder food,

Parenting – Patiently, Practically and positively

Parenting is not a cakewalk, but if the ingredients are in good proportion it can bake well. Yes with ingredients like patience, calmness, practicality, being tricky we can achieve a better parenting approach. Parenting approached with patience and positivity turn out with a beautiful relationship

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganesha is back with festivity and fervor. Colorful dresses, filled with faith and trust, devotees welcome the Elephant God. He is everywhere homes, colonies, societies, offices, community halls and more. So say loudly “Ganpati Bappa Morya” and Welcome the God of intelligence. गणेश चतुर्थी हिंदू

How writing became my ikigai

I’ve been writing since I was 8, but I didn’t get any visible benefits from it for years. As I was just writing it in my personal diary. Now writing is my ikigai, my passion, my part-time profession, my support. My blog is my ikigai

Thursday Treelove

Morning walk with my sunshine. I am following this routine of dropping my kids to school by walk. Its best time to walk as well as talk with them. Such walks are one of the benefits of living in hills. The morning sunshine, clouds, trees,

Financial planning – Why and How?

Knowing your financial planning requirements Saving money is stressful, and if you don’t know how to save and again are stressed over the fact that you cant save you just get double the stress and still no money or solution you find. So let’s know

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Did you hear that?

Oh yes, did you see page 3 today? Arey the look on her face I tell you, it’s fishy… Check their picture, she looks so disconnected… See her face, there is something going on between them iI tell you… Hahaha, so we all love gossip

How to celebrate this August festive season?

How to Celebrate August festive season?  When festivals and celebrations are there, sweettooth and sweet cravings automatically arise. “Isi baat par muth toh meetha karna hi Hoga.” With so many festivals around the corner my sweet cravings are growing. So let’s celebrate August festivity with

Carpet Cleaners – Why and How?

The festive season is around the corner and there comes the need to clean up the house.  The first thing that comes in mind is cleaning of curtains and carpets along with cleaning the almirahs and cupboards. However, regular carpet cleaning is extremely important when

Abhiyan for Awareness

August 2019 had been awesome, eventive, historic and memorable in more than one ways. Along with celebrating the awesomeness of August on this Independence day let’s be little more aware and more concerned. Abhiyan for Jal Shakti has been launched and we need to spread

IndiBlogHub – Largest Indian blog directory

New to blogging! Need a platform! Need to interact with co-blogger! Clueless how to get readers! Well, the answer is here! IndiBlogHub – A Great Indian Bloggers Community Bloggers, writers always need a platform to interact, participate, write, share and be seen. IndiBlogHub is an

What August holds in 2019 for us

August is an auspicious month so let’s find out what august holds this year. August the 8th month of the calendar is full of festivals and celebrations. In India which is traditionally strong and culturally diverse country, August holds an important place. Along with celebrating

Great Indian Restaurant Festival is back.

Yes, guys the most awaited Dineout’s GIRF is back from 1st august 1st September.  Get ready for #Monthofmore and explore your city for your favorite food. Calling all my lovely foodie friends. Be part of this yummy festival as there is entertainment, there is food,

Leaf’s Odyssey “Outside My Window”

A leaf’s odyssey is about to begin When I sit and see Outside My Window… Nature is alive The view is fresh it’s the sign for monsoons to arrive The barren trees will now bear leaves The journey will soon begin It’s the season of

#WATWB Meet Sister Sudha

Let’s meet Sister Sudha who is yet another wonderful positve human sharing happiness on this Earth. Who’s Sister Sudha? Sister Sudha Varghese is a social worker and Catholic nun in India. She has devoted herself to the Musahar, the Dalit of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

My unsaid poem

He wasn’t a hero neither was he any zero He’s one who’s name I bear, He’s the one who gave me my features. I have his glimpse says all to me, But i still miss that look like me.   When some one talks about

Laddoo – Exploring BharatKaZaika

Laddoo – Laddu – Laddo – Ladoo – लड्डू A famous easy to make Indian sweet. Wikipedia says – Laddu or laddoo is a sphere-shaped sweet originating from the Indian subcontinent; the name originated from the Sanskrit word Lattika. Laddus are made of flour, fat

Monsoon Magic to Madness

Monsoon once again! Monsoon Magic, reminds me of the story of Vrishti, vrishti means rain and she was born on the day when it poured heavily that day. The story of a girl or maybe every girl who when becomes a mother takes life differently.

Yoga with kids

I am a yoga fancier and that makes me more interested in teaching my kids yoga. there are few kids friendly yoga positions too and they are worth a try. In this fast paced world this little time wil help kids relax from there school

Book Review – Nutrition,Diet Myths & Life

What’s in the book? A Doctor by profession, Dr. Amrita Basu(MBBS, MS) examined nutrition advice and diet choices around the world. She found some startling misadventures and myths. The biggest one is nutrition advice can be passed around by everyone. Nutrition advice needs trained professionals

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Author interview – Jyotimay sarkar of Being in Love

Welcome to the Author Interview series hosted by Pragun and Suhasini. The Author duo are conducting the Author interview series for the Ebooks launched through Blogchatter Ebook program. 1st interview – “Abhjit ray” author of “Desert Plant” 2nd interview – “Meena Chatty” author of “Starlit

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Book Review – EASY HOME COOKING by Ginia Basu

What’s in the book? EASY HOME COOKING Cook and Bake with Ease From my kitchen to yours: A collection of curated recipes by Ginia Basu. Loved the title and easy to make recipes. She has compiled 14 different recipes in this book. There are two






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