EBook Excitement and all you need to know

Hello guys and gals, so you have finally decided to go for your eBook, firstly let me congratulate you for taking this decision. What a feeling wow, your own eBook, your name on it, you will be the published author and what a recognition it is. I must congratulate to you beforehand and ask for your autograph before I miss it.

So let’s cook this recipe of eBook together as a team, as in this virtual digital world we are all connected by this one common platform of blogging and writing.

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Ingredients for eBook

  • Well well well, it not easy task guys but not either difficult too.
  • You need little time, which is your to manage, you can cook this at any time I prefer late nights with my desktop to design or write. so choose your time.
  • few apps and sites which I will highlight below.
  • some important tips and tricks, which you can have from co-bloggers, previous authors and then mentors and blogchatter are always there to help you.
  • And, the main ingredient is your book material.

Instructions/ Method

So if you are using your AtoZ challenge posts for eBook, great just collect them at one place in a word doc so it can easily be later converted to pdf. Okay let me tell you, even if you are not using you AtoZ posts no worries is you bring your complete material in word by writing or copy paste from your blog or type it from your diary or hard copy. You need to have book format selected in word doc for easy editing.

To begin with what identifies the book, yes, it’s the cover and name. I had a little difficult time when I was working on my first eBook as I was completely unaware of small details but then my co-bloggers were of great help to me, who suggested advice and helped me to sail this boat. So, eBooker Seek help, don’t hesitate, ask, query, question, feel free to resolve queries.

So for design Canva comes to rescue always, you will be happy and glad to experience its features and what all you can do with it. So give that required time and design an awesome cover, something which you had always wanted, or something which was always back of your mind.

Another wonderful infographic and presentation app is Visme. It is one easy to use online tool to visualize your ideas to engaging Presentations, Infographics, and other Visual Content.

Just check out this sample video to have a look at what all is possible with Visme.

This is the time to break free, whenever you pick a great book or see a beautiful cover, don’t you think in the back of your mind, that what if someday I will write my book, will design it this way or that way so this is the time guys.

As your posts or write up is ready so the main thing is forming the crux of your story i.e. giving it a name, which is one word to describe your book. Look for good keywords, the crux of your story or search for some good adjectives or words to form that perfect name.

If it’s a cooking related or travel related book, don’t forget to add lots of images, better you have your own clicked one’s or else use free image sites like pixabay, pexels.

So the final checklist is

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  • Collect all your eBook material at one place.
  • Book in pdf format and cover in jpeg or png format
  • Decide on a good name that appeals to you. Fancy or attractive or catchy names which will be retained for long.
  • Design a beautiful cover for your own eBook
  • Have an introduction, preface page, copyright, acknowledgment and then edit accordingly.
  • Later you will need to have book blurb handy, a brief of your book.
  • About author page ready with you, that includes all about you as writes of your own book. this comes in the last of your book.

So, are you all ready, I must ask How’s the Josh? Just keep it high, ask query, question and you will or sail through it. So the sky is the limit just go for it, blogchatter and we mentors are there to help you always. Soon you will be seen on kindle and Amazon so get ready to fly. I am als joining you all with my tiffin ideas book soon.

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