Book review – how I wrote my comic book

Book title – how I wrote my comic book

Author – Priyanka Vermani

Pages – 55
Link – how I wrote my comic book
Author dedicate this book to hubby and daughter. It’s about sharing the story of her beautiful time spent in London. In comic pictures, the author wanted to showcase the beauty, heritage, and culture of London.
The author wants to create a book as a memory for her little daughter. she tells her journey of making a comic book the ups and downs and challenges faced.
Well defined appearance of characters showing there traits and personality. All characters have passed out of high school and have taken a gap year to travel, visit places, explore options before freezing on a career choice. All of them are about 15- 16 year old.
Samaira – 1st character
Traits: Very sporty, spunky, fun loving, very
smart, intelligent with a kick-ass attitude, maybe a little tom boyish
Lauren: 2nd character
She looks very cute n pretty, has dimples on both the cheeks and is very proud of them. She is inspired by Britain’s royal family and would like to be a princess once she grows up.
3rd Character: Roy
Roy has very cute, charming and boyish looks and is a mama’s boy. He is passionate about music and Facebook.
4th character – Harry
Harry is an artist at heart. But his main focus throughout the journey is Lauren. He has a crush on her and observes her more than the places they visit. In his diary, he writes more about what Lauren wore and how she looked rather than about the places. His dream is to be Lauren’s knight in shining armor.

The cover and other illustrations are lovely. Books process of development is step wise and a good referal for creative artists or those who are in comic book craetion.
I liked the way author has descibed her journey to write her comic book, she has told the journey in A to Z series in 26 episodes/ chapters. References are there of people she met in this journey, her friends, relatives, colleagues, boss, publishers etc.
All in all, Its her journey on life in london and how she progressed on writing her graphic book. I wish her all the best for her book.

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  1. Lavanya says:

    Hi, I actually found a few people posting reviews about this book. The cover alone is outstanding. Hope to pick it up soon.

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