Seven-Year Life cycle

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Call it whatever I realized about this seven-year itch when I thought at one day that finally, my seven-year itch of early motherhood ended, it was over when I felt my kids are over with their diaper days and toilet training. It was a seven-year-long journey with two candies to babysit.
Seven year was a long time for motherhood which I enjoyed thoroughly but yes till the time kids are in school-age its a tiring job. The nappies, toilet training, feeding, introduction to new food, dressing up, babysitting, caring during illness, its completely full-time job.
But then you realize its a vicious circle with the time span of every seven years.
Yes, seven-year itch is not itching its an itch that now you are entering the next seven years of a journey which may or may not end in itch.
The 7 stages of life have a time period of 7 years starting from Infancy, Childhood, Teenage, Young Adult, Adult, Middle age, Old age
First seven years I spent with baby sitting kids, and then there is no looking back. In this infancy stage of my kid I wish I get double the power of smell as that’s the only way I get to know my infant kid, as he has only the smell to deliver message or cries instead, so if I have a strong nose be it any yukky smell the potty the vomits and what not and in exchange I give up on sense of taste as I rarely of time for it, or need it.
Next seven years are in growing them up, schooling, new challenges, new opportunities, new issues, etc. At this stage, I wish I give up on the sense of smell as I don’t need it and instead in exchange I get double the sense of hearing as kids have now explored the sense of speaking and they are chatterboxes and need an ear all the time to hear them continuously and patiently.
By the time they are in the age of 14-15 bracket, its adolescence and its very dicey age of growing kids. So seven years are spent in their further growing up. At this stage, I wish I get double the sense of sight to keep sharp, powerful and keen sight on my growing kids, to help them choose between right and wrong I need to be more observant, in exchange of sense of touch which they don’t like somehow as they are growing up.
Then comes the bracket of 22 – 28 age group, the career deciding years and for some its time to settle down and get married too. At this stage I wish I get double the sense of taste as by now my kids are in settling stage and I can seriously give my self that long lost time and taste the savouries I missed and now can cook delicacies for my grown-ups, and in exchange will give up on sense of interfering as I don’t want my kids to feel that I am anywhere interfering in there lives my keeping a long ear on their special talks.
Then starts the marriage itch or changes in life and again returns the so-called seven-year itch when maybe one loses interest or mesmerizing phase is over, all I can say is Keep communication open, Solve problems as they arise, put in the extra effort every day in order to sustain happy marriages. At this stage when its time for me to be Granny again I wish I get double the sense of touch, as this is the time again I can feel people around me, have a sense of belonging, maybe will hold soft baby touches and instead will exchange the sense of taste or hunger or greed as this body can no longer bear all this now.
It’s a cycle of 7 years which keep on asking changes in lifestyle.
A study says that human body changes every seven-year cycle may be that is the reason for this saying. What we need to remember is that each stage of life has its own unique gift and we need to enjoy it and thanks to nature in every way.
Even in marriage Ups and downs are part of the long-term relation, Seven year is the common time of saturation as per the studies conducted by many researchers.
Again starts the cycle to bring new things in life, starting life with kids etc and so it’s a vicious seven-year round that keeps on happening in a human life and one keeps on changing as per situations.
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  1. BellyBytes says:

    I love your 7 year time line.

  2. jaya1966 says:

    Nice take on the prompt. Things do seem to happen in cycles of seven, don’t they? It seems to be a kind of magic number that governs most things in the universe.
    Here is my Barathon 2018 final post

  3. Very unique way of depicting 7 years. Congratulations on successfully completing the challenge

  4. Ah the circle of life! I didn’t realize the importance of 7 years until you shared this.

  5. Anita says:

    Great post for the prompt!
    Congrats for the WOW badge. Have a WOW week!

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