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Aha so here comes Blogchatter in a new avatar, and what’s new is BlogRolls. Arey nahi! not paneer or kathi rolls but ‘blog rolls.’ Yes sounds yum hai na oops no sorry I meant seems exciting hai na? It has become my favorite and most visited feature on the new Blogchatter website too.

So let’s first try and understand what’s Blogrolls?

Blogrolls consist of posts and videos across the Blogchatter community which is rolling or active on the platform. So, the Blogchatter site will help you not just post, you will roll. Yes, roll with your blogpost. It’s very simple and it helps to search as well as post as per the category listed. This gives me refined search and easy navigation for the topic I’m searching for or plan to post or roll.

Blogrolls is Blogchatter’s copyright trademark and so you get exclusive content too.

Steps to submit blogrolls

  • Login to the website i.e.


  • Check for Blogrolls on the home page



  • You will see Category – as Featured, Top and Recent

If you click on view all then you will get to see all the posts, then on the left, you will get to see the various listed categories. The categories available to choose are

  • Life & Lifestyle
  • Food & Travel
  • Parenting & Childcare
  • Health Fitness & Nutrition
  • Automobile
  • Science & Technology
  • Business – News & finance
  • Books & Writing
  • Education & Career
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Culture & Entertainment
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Featured



  • When you click on Read More it takes me to the personalized profile page of the blogger on the Blogchatter website.
  • Here when I click on ROLL, it will ensure that I will get all updates and notifications from that [articular blogger whom I have rolled.
  • Also when I click on Read Full Article that will take me to the blogger’s home page, website, or blog., where I can read the original full post/ article, comment on it, share it, and spread the word too.

Check out this video to get an idea on how to roll

So Blogrolls help us stay connected with co-bloggers, their updates and keep us engaged on updates and new posts by the blogger whom we have rolled. So, if you have a post just log in, add its title and link URL, choose the category and you are ready to roll I mean to submit your Blog post which is new rolling.

Yes, guys just blog roll as rolling helps us stay connected.

What I experienced with BlogRolls

It was a new experience, as haven’t tried similar anything on any platform. It will take time to adjust with it but there’s always a first time. I liked the idea of rolling the bloggers and its exciting to see how many rolls we did, how we can submit the blog post as BlogRolls.

It’s very easy to submit your blogpost to Blogrolls and I also loved the rolled out image of Blogrolls as well Rolling your favorite blogger.

Have you submitted your latest blogpost to BlogRolls yet? So what are you waiting for? Start Rolling, Submit your Blogroll, and stay connected with your rolled engagements with the community.

Don’t wait just roll over your creative words and weave a Blogpost which can be rolled to blogrolls and then just choose your favorite category and you are ready to roll with Blogchatter.

My Friend Alexa is nearing so just start Rolling guys.

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  1. Very informative blog post. Blogchatter is a really amazing place for anyone who is looking to grow their blog.

  2. Preeti Talwar says:

    Blogrolls very nicely explained as a first timer who has registered for my Friend Alexa this blog is useful

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