Happy sunrise to each day
Happiness in every way.
Happy 2018
Being a traditional soul I take this 1st Jan as English new year… gudi padva, smvat new year has yet to come.
But i cant avoid the magic that flows in the air during the change of calendar year, during the time of new diaries and plans.
Resolutions are made to break…no i feel resolutions can be made any time of year only that you stick to them.
So the WOTY for me this 2018 is Determination in real sense.
I love this word, jokes apart its so motivating word but have i been able to follow the real meaning till date….Well the answer is something i have yet to find.

  1. Determine my efforts towards my Work at home job with more concentration.
  2. Determine to be a better listener than last year and less of talker.
  3. Determine to Read more books in my list,
  4. Determine to Stay fit and help my family stay fit.
  5. Determine to Help more people this year more than last year.

This new year i got 2 special phone calls as its week of my bday too…
1st was from an old acquaintance stating that she is going to give birth to a child this Feb and want first clothes from me only as i was the Savior of her life… it was my best new year gift i got from this lady
Second on my bday i got call from a Doctor in making whom i had supported along for a year when she had lost her mom in between her boards… and today she calls me her angel and prays that all girls like her gets an angle in their life like me.
I don’t want be boastful but these are the best bday and new year gift i can ever get.
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When people look forward to you, when people want more of you, When people trust you, when people believe in you. Your life is so complete and fulfilled.
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  1. Girish Vaidya says:

    Agree fully to the fact that when you know there are people benefitting from your deeds, it actually motivates you to do more

  2. Thats so beautiful.We all need an angel in our lives.Thank you for supporting another abd being an angel.Love your #WOTY.Thank you for linking with us on #MondayMommyMoments .Visit us every monday and link up your posts.

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