2020 pandemic has changed the way we think, work and even live. Covid 19 virus impacted everything be it our homes, our offices or workplace, our outdoor lives, and everything else too. No wonder when we say home or office what is affected is the real estate and property sector. Post pandemic the trends have even changed in the demand and supply of houses, workplaces, offices, institutions, academies, and more.

A new normal

The pandemic brought a lockdown for the economy to a complete halt, and real estate was not spared of this. It was a difficult time for many sectors and industries and everyone witnessed a challenging time. With people locked inside, unable to visit project or construction sites, it was a period of despondency.

Covid 19 has forever altered the way we now think, live as well as work. Reduction in salaries, job insecurities, economical downsides, business losses and many such factors have impacted the market and buyer sentiments. The reality sector almost had a setback when everything came to a halt and even with migrant labourers the labour force and transportation all went for a roll.

The positive side is post pandemic the real estate sector has responded to these changes and are coming up with options with updated technologies and pre-requisite of new buyer demands. Today globally there is a major shift being observed in the preferences of an investor post pandemic.


We all saw that during lockdown, the only relief was online connectivity and digital world. Real estate also had digital platform to communicate with their visitors, buyers, and prospects. All the sectors which had never imagined life can move without even meeting learnt a new way. Digital modes were a new normal, a new way to work and interact was witnessed.

Real estate also had to learn these new ways for their promotional and interactive activities via these digital and online platforms. Real estate players had to quickly brace up and tune their promotional and interactive activities via digital platforms to communicate with their visitors and prospects. These digital tools equipped home seekers with most of the relevant data and details about the project, product, location and the developer’s track record. After experiencing pandemic, the demand for home buyers has seen a new trend and requirements. Home sales are seeing a new improvement and buyers are now seeking community living with comfort, facilities and convenience as the priority. As globally and nation too suffered a lot in this pandemic, home sales were no behind. But after 6 months slowly the demand is again picking up.

Work from home

The new normal after a pandemic is now looking forward to home design and layouts which has the comfort of home combined with workspace, wellness and fitness space and study culture too. Walk to work is a new norm when you can just exit one room and boom you enter your workspace which is just in another room.
There is a demand for efficient and convenient work layouts within the luxury of your own house in present lifestyle trends. This new-age buyer post-pandemic is seeking all comforts within the house. The work culture, the family time, the leisure requirements along fitness all needed to be clubbed under one roof.

Sustainable living

Post pandemic people are more inclined towards sustainable living and craving to stay near nature. A need for fresh air, better ventilation, source of natural light is also what a buyer is seeking lately.

Continuous power supply with backup, Wi-Fi/fiber optic/ internet connectivity, is yet another need for work from culture. 2021 needs technology and home automation right in the middle of their drawing room comfort.
Along with comfort the requirements also include hygiene and sanitization importance too. One needs a bit of nature around the house to take those fresh breaks. I feel solar power backup and fresh air ventilation are also important add-ons as we stay more indoors now.


So now if you want to meet these requirements and looking for options just type kagaay.
To visit the website click here. It’s a discovery space that showcases properties to genuine buyers looking for that right pick as per their choice and requirements. Affordable housing and also helping to connect people on a global platform is what kagaay is known for.

House is always a special place and the one seeking a house has always a list in his or her mind. Won’t you be happy if you get your dream house or workspace as per your choice and even at an affordable price too?

Kagaay is a gamified sales enablement platform that provides on-boarded properties to seeking buyers at a fair price. Kagaay strives to transform the digital needs of the real industry in present times. They help provide a technology-powered solution to your home space.

Kagaay aims for two P’s i.e. property and people. Just download the kagaay app from their site. The Kagaay is the first reality app that gives the realtor completely confirmed sales of his inventory – this is affirmed by the customer paying a minimum confirmation amount towards the said sale.

Kagaay doesn’t deal with leads, it’s into sales. Kagaay gives you a variety of property options ranging from homes, flats, apartments, office spaces, commercial buildings, plots, farmlands, bungalows, and more. With this wide choice across the country, a buyer gets the right thing at the best price.

Kagaay app

Post pandemic we are still afraid to visit places and when one is in search of a house that can have a workspace and a kid’s room too, it gets difficult to go and search for options. People are afraid to meet and interact in public places and that too with kids for this search. This is where I came to know of kagaay app right there on my mobile for ease of search.

Kagaay app provided me with online property search with lots of options and that’s not all it even provides virtual tours to the houses one selects to view.  This is the best thing this app provided right within the comfort and safety of home and at your own fingertips too. To download the app, click here.

The app is available for both android and IOS users in respective play stores. You can easily download it from the play store or even download it from the KAGAAY homepage.

Additionally, kagaay app gives me –

  • Genuine property lifting confidentiality of my data
  • Unique time-space advantage
  • Fair discounts
  • No time wastage
  • Updates on events conducted
  • Trustworthy team
  • Right price advantage
  • Confirmed sales
  • Reduced sales life cycle
  • Transparent and credible automation
  • Simple to follow the process
  • Sales focussed traffic generation
  • A lot of choices in house, lands, apartments, and more

Even if the property sector saw a decline in property visits and buying due to threat of covid – 19, with the help of government policy measures construction sector too is on path of recovery even if its slow. Every calamity and then recovery is certainly a new phase and opportunity for new progress. Indian real estate and allied manufacturing industries also need to see for positive lookout in this scenario and start to benefit from local innovation and production.

For all these reasons I recommend checking the KAGAAY app for yourself as well as for your friends and family. So, when you want to build your house with bricks of memories and colour of everyone’s emotions we seek the personal connect and touch.

When the client and clientele connect on similar thoughts the result is always beneficial. So no more search when KAGAAY is there.

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