“P” that came in our life last decade

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The letter and techie with “P” that entered our lives.

The word that came in use last decade starting with P has just popped up!

well, it’s because the word is Pop-up

– this new word has two meanings for the modern age. Anyone who uses the internet will recognize pop-ups as being annoying advertising windows that ‘pop up’ in the corner of your screen when you’re browsing the web. It also describes a whole new shopping phenomenon. Pop-up shops are shops that ‘pop up’ only for a short space of time, often in disused shopping centers and markets and specially designed pop-up shop areas. They can be boutiques selling unique items that are locally produced, or artwork to clothing, food, and drink to books.

pop-up is a graphical user interface ( GUI ) display area, usually a small window, that suddenly appears (“pops up”) in the foreground of the visual interface.


Yes, mountains are known for literal peaks, but we’re not looking at the mountains now. We’re checking out the peak adventurers in the foreground. This is “metaphorically extended” to mean “being at the height of popularity, use or attention,” according to Merriam-Webster.

Page View

A company’s success could be determined by how many page views they have, which is another way of saying the number of people who have visited their website.


Let’s move towards some techie term

So the words/ gadgets/ devices from P that we started using

Prime Video

Prime Video is a video streaming service available for Amazon Prime members. With an eligible Amazon Prime membership, you have access to thousands of Prime Video titles at no additional cost.


Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system and financial technology company, based out of Noida, India.

Paytm wallet reaches 200 million users - The Economic Times

Pebble smartwatch

Amazon.com: Pebble Smartwatch Black

P for PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer game. You will take part in a battle royale gameplay. Play as a lone player or join a team of up to four players and fight your way through the map!

PUBG cross-play coming to Xbox One and PS4 this fall - Polygon

Do I need to say more about this game that’s trending all over.


  –  lets users ‘ pin’ visual bookmarks to themed ‘ boards’ and share them with the world

Pinterest is a “visual discovery tool”, created for people to share ideas and inspiration for various interests and projects. The social media site was founded by Ben Silbermann (a former Google employee), Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra, and launched in March 2010

Pinterest is a social network where people can find inspiration and ideas for their interests and hobbies. Pin is an idea, which is an image that is searched and saved by Pinterest users. Pins can also link back to websites, which is why Pinterest is great for driving traffic and sales.



– you can save articles, videos or anything from the web in your pocket with Pocket app.

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. - Apps on Google Play


Tesla Powerwall

Image result for tesla powerwall

As solar power becomes more and more affordable–it’s cheaper than gas and coal in many parts of the country–the new challenge becomes finding a way for your home to store excess energy and use it when needed. Tesla’s Powerwall, launched in 2015, offers that ability with a high level of sophistication, letting you program your usage to collect energy during off-peak hours, then consume it at peak times. As states begin to implement energy pricing that varies based on time of use–California, Arizona, and Massachusetts already have–that means it will save you even more money while also putting less stress on local power plants. Tesla Powerwall

The Powerwall and Powerpack are rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary energy storage products manufactured by Tesla, Inc. The Powerwall is intended to be used for home energy storage and stores electricity for solar self-consumption, time of use load shifting, backup power, and off-the-grid use. The larger Powerpack is intended for commercial or electric utility grid use and can be used for peak shaving, load shifting, backup power, demand response, microgrids, renewable power integration, frequency regulation, and voltage control.


Four letters. Thousands of devices. Millions of hours. Billions of downloads. One game. You know the rest.


That’s all for today

Do visit to check about new words and digital things what connected with us.

My theme for A2Z-2020 is peeping into new words and gadgets/ apps that time traveled in our lives in the last decade

and became part of our lives beyond separation now.

Wanna peep into my 2019 ‘P’ post

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13 Responses

  1. That is a lot of Ps for a peanut of a decade! The Tesla Powerwall is my takeaway. Thanks!

  2. Those are some great words and for a change i knew most. Thanks for sharing and enlightening us

  3. Today’s post is really special for me because today I had read so many familiar words..like page view, pop up and peak..though tesla powerwall and pocket app is new to me. will explore this app, sounds interesting to me.

  4. Ahh! PUBG this game and the related news all got auto recalled, I am learning more about Pinterest , my new learning from today is Tesla powerwall , solar power business is exceptionally doing well in present scenario.

  5. Amazing post, PraGun. I couldn’t really think of so many words but as I read your post I rethink as to why didn’t it cross my mind. haha.
    Well written post as well.
    — rightpurchasing.com

    In addition, we at rightpurchasing are having an open day on Monday along with the “Q” post. We will be open to any of your queries regarding Blog monetization or if you need any suggestions. Hope to see you there.

  6. Powerwall was a newbie..PUB G was scary and pop-ups can land u in trouble sometimes 🙂

  7. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Currently watching a show on Prime Video and have been pinning away on Pinterest daily! So ya definitely important additions to our life!

  8. Amazing post . This is the first post of yours where I know all the words. I am watching a lot of series on prime video these days

  9. PayTm has truly revolutionized the way we pay!
    PUBG … I keep lsitening to kids talk about it excidedly, but havent looked at it.
    I love Pinterest which is the image-based social media!
    Another interesting post, Pragun!

  10. Anita says:

    Important P words.
    Our world has really “progressed” technologically.
    Another P is pollution- that has risen in the past decade.

  11. Those are definitely P’s that didn’t exist in the last decade. Hopefully the pandemic that has gripped the world will pass soon!

  12. Alpana says:

    I was so happy that finally I knew these words and then there came these two PUBG and Powewall. But now I am happy after knowing them. Thanks once again

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