“Q” that came in our life last decade

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It was hard to get in Queue of Q and dig into finding what’s in store.

But luckily I get to see some good words with Q


QWOP is a web-based Flash game created in 2008 by programmer Bennett Foddy. In this game, you control a track athlete named QWOP — who is competing against nobody — by individually moving his thigh and calf muscles (you use the Q, W, O, and P keys to do so, hence the name). Players play as an athlete named “Qwop“, who is participating in a 100-meter event at the Olympic Games.

How to Play Qwop (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Time for slang now-


(also qwop) – To tremble, wriggle, writhe; to throb, pulsate, palpitate. English regional in later use.
Some digital gyan-

Android Q

Google released the first beta of Android 10 under the preliminary name “Android Q” on March 13, 2019, exclusively on their Pixel phones
Android Q that allows you to manage and display apps on a foldable screen.
android q main


Qualcomm is best known for its chips that connect phones to cellular networks, as well as its Snapdragon processors that act as the brains of mobile devices.

–  flashcards, tests, and study games to make learning more fun


That’s all for today

Do visit to check about new words and digital things what connected with us.

My theme for A2Z-2020 is peeping into new words and gadgets/ apps that time traveled in our lives in the last decade

and became part of our lives beyond separation now.

Wanna peep into my 2019 Q post for tiffin treats…

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  1. I feel very intelligent after reading your post. Hahah. Thank you so much. I look forward to them daily

  2. Again a interesting list of words..quizlet is my daughter’s favorite learning app and she loves to practice on this everyday. other words are new to me, thanks dear for increasing my knowledge.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I have never heard of any of these words Pragun! Thanks for enlightening me!

  4. My score card was 50 pc in this one. I must add that I learn a lot by visiting you, whenever I do!

  5. Quop and Qualcomm are new words for me. I am loving your posts Pragun . Very interesting and informative

  6. The only word I was aware of was Qualcom. Thanks for this series. Have come to know so many apps, gadgets and new words .

  7. Alpana says:

    I was thinking what will you bring out on Q and see you again got your precious gems..You are not only introducing us to the new technology but also increasing our vocabulary.

  8. I scored a zero today pragun..thanks for sharing these …adding to my geek knowledge 🙂

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