Nature is meditation Help Earth Heal

The other day just took me to meet nature. I walked feeling the Earth below me, touching the bushes and hugging the trees past me, smelling the air on my face, listening to sounds of nature, birds, bees, beetles, leaves, and water.

I’m blessed to stay in hills, these hills are therapeutic, these hills are full of life. I walk with gratitude daily when I walk in these hills.

At the same time, I feel bad about how we are taking our nature for granted. What are we going to give to the coming generation?

This a small poem in an effort to be a conscious human, for sustainable and conscious living. Small steps toward healing our Mother Earth. Hope you like it the Inspired conscious living

Earth oh Earth!

Allow me to help you heal

You are an amazing place

We took advantage

Yet you allowed us space

We polluted you

We littered you

We wasted you

We threw plastic too

We cut trees that grew

All that stood in a queue

We forgot gratitude

We missed saying thankyou

The least I can try

To preserve it

So it won’t cry.

Be a conscious human

Don’t be so inhuman

Try being a waste warrior

That how you be a savior

It’s not a big difficult task

Nor is it a rocket science mask

We can pick litter around us

Try and plant some trees

That’s how we can make

World a place happier


Healthier to live

We can at least try

One step at a time

Help heal the earth

From the dearth

Of sense and sensibility

Walk as much as you can

Pedal the cycle in the new plan.

Just try and plant a tree

Else not instead gift it for free.

Don’t take it for granted

Let nature be more chanted

Each possible place be planted

Let the soul be enchanted.

A trail or a trek

A reason to hug the tree.

Just feel the Earth

Go smell the air

Touch the water

See the Sky

Smile at flowers

nurture few leaves

Be thankful

Be in gratitude

A bridge between

you and nature to be

Do check my first Alexa post of this season and if you missed it you can listen to the poem here

At the same time, “I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa”
However, these are my random musing, my poetry love under the flowing Water category. In addition, to read more of my poems click here. Try and live in harmony with nature for a better and healthier tomorrow.
Read my first post of the 2020 Alexa season WE will hold it together in this poetic series.

If you are a nature lover check out these words, they are awesome.

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84 Responses

  1. Loved your thoughts on trying to live in harmony with nature. I love the outdoors and am craving to head to the mountains right now. But guess I will have to wait till things turn around. Happy Alexa month to you. #Sweetannureads

  2. What beautiful pictures there. I’m a nature person too and how I envy you right now! Liked your thoughts about being in harmony with nature.

  3. You are blessed to have such beautiful green hills all around you.The poem is heart touching.

  4. You are blessed to have such beautiful green hills all around you.The poem is heart touching.Its great to be back reading yott posts

  5. Ninu Nair says:

    Oh, how I wish I could also live in the hills…you are so blessed. And, yes unless we stay in harmony with nature, we will never find balance in life. Loved reading this post!!

    • Thanks, Ninu for visiting and liking the post.
      Yes, indeed I’m blessed and grateful for this.
      It’s high time we need to nurture nature for our future generation to come.

  6. That is a beautiful reminder, Pragun. We have abused the earth enough, and we still don’t stop. I love the pics you have shared too.

  7. Help heal the earth

    From the dearth

    Words I just shared the other day on my Insta post..i think we are soul sisters Fire Water, Fod and similar to yours isn’t it?

    • Awww thanks Harjeet for visiting and staying connected. We sure think alike and I love similar tastes.
      Indeed nature, food, travel, and thoughts a deadly combo for the evening chai what say… what’s cooking lady?

  8. Aesha Shah says:

    Oh, I so envy you right now. You are blessed to be living in the mountains. I have this wish to retire in the mountains, maybe open up a book cafe and spend my life away from the city, in the lap of nature. And I agree with you, we have abused and exploited nature and now I guess its give back time.

    • Thankyou Aesha for visiting. I’m in gratitude for being in nature’s lap.
      Bingo a book cafe is a dream come true for me too…
      I pray the mountains soon call you and help you with your cafe.
      Sure we will enjoy a cuppa in the book cafe then…

  9. Srikanth says:

    Hills and Mountains are love and am waiting for the situation to normalise to head over and explore… nice way to enjoy nature. Also, one important aspect is Responsible Tourism which most tourists ignore, hope people become more sensible and responsible

    • Thanks, Srikanth, yes we all are praying and hoping to go back to old normal.
      Absolutely responsible tourism is very important, had written a few lines on that too, soon will publish.
      We as humans need to be conscious in all the aspects be it inside the home or travel or anywhere else.

  10. Wow.. You are truly blessed to live in the hills.. But wherever we stay we should respect our mother earth. Beautifully penned poem.. You too me closer to the nature.

    • Thanks, Swati for visiting and loving the poem and post.
      Yes, wherever we stay we certainly need to nurture or nature and try mini-steps to heal it in the best possible ways.
      I’m really blessed and thankful for being in the lap of nature.

  11. Beautiful poem. I grew up in the hills. Now when I go back, it is sad to see it littered with plastic. High time we begin healing our planet.

    • Thank you Madhu Ji for visiting. Glad to know you grew up in hills.
      Yes, its a sad state to see trees being cut and damage being done to nature. We need to heal it before its too late.

  12. Jyoti Jha says:

    How beautifully penned Pragun! We definitely seem to have ticked off mother nature. Only with conscious living and sustainable efforts can we revive and cherish our Earth. Lovely poem!

  13. You are blessed to have a home in hills, in the lap of nature. It’s crucial to save environment and heal the Earth. Lovely poem.

    • Thanks, Aditi for liking the poem.
      Yes, I’m grateful for my stay in the lap of nature and that makes me more concerned about the Earth.
      It’s high time we heal for our future generations.

  14. Such beautiful photographs! You’re blessed to live in the midst of such beauty!!

  15. I absolutely loved the opening statement of this post, we have to learn to co-exist with nature living means enjoying life. Lovely words and beautiful lines here.

  16. I have always loved your theme and backdrop of five elements of your blog. It is amazing to see you are writing on these issues and expressing so beautifully through poems. More power to you.

    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  17. Pratibha says:

    It is the nature’s way to tell us to slow down and take it easy. The years of damage is being undone slowly with this pandemic. We’ll heal soon 🙂

  18. Living close to nature brings utmost peace and happiness. Your poem brings forward how indifferent we humans have become towards our mother nature.

  19. The poem is so insightful.Lovely Pragun.

  20. Having harmony to live with nature is very important.. i love your thoughts and the way you beautifully weaved them

  21. Ruchi Verma says:

    I really loved the way you have penned the connection with mother nature!! Glad to read this fresh poem !!

  22. How beautifully you’ve penned down the pain of Mother Nature. It does needs to heal and we need to be more aware of Nature,

  23. This is beautiful- the thoughts, the words and the pictures. sometimes we let our mother nature for granted, time to pause and re think

  24. Richa Mina says:

    Surrounded by nature it gives us inner peace and helps us heal too. Nice poem.

  25. Beautiful poem loved reading it and it was so consciously written. Truly a feel good poem.

  26. Charu says:

    Such a beautifully written poem

  27. Beautifully penned…I truly miss being one with nature because of the lockdown. Your poem lent so much hope.

  28. The photos you shared are a treat to the eyes 🙂 I’m trying to include nature into my lifestyle as much as I can. A long walk in the parks here (in Brussels) is so rejuvenating. Keep writing!

    • Thanks, Priyanka for visiting and loving the post.
      A walk and little nature talk, hugging a tree, or just watching the sky it’s all blissful.
      Glad you have started appreciating the nature in walks. Happy walks and nature viewing too

  29. Ruchi says:

    Envy you PraGun where do you live ? I’m an outdoor person to and I love being in nature’s lap. It’s a wonderful reminder to take care of the Nature we have so much abused.

  30. Leha says:

    Love the photography and the poetry. Evokes fierce passion for nature.

  31. This is such an eye-opener. Even after gettimg reality check in this pandemic people are not understanding even a thing. I feel more of such posts should be written until people start acting towards it.

  32. Ranjini says:

    You’re indeed blessed to stay in the hills. Lovely poem and I’m glad you picked this topic for your poetry week 😁

  33. Shamik says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Liked reading the poem. It’s so very true and we as humans should behave a bit more responsibly towards our mother Earth.

  34. Being locked up at home now,your post is so refreshing and makes me want to plan a trip sooner. I agree with you on the living in harmony with nature has to be practiced inorder to preserve for future generations. #tmmreads

  35. Jenifer says:

    Beautiful photos & post. Thanks for sharing it.

  36. I echo your sentiments and loved the way you have penned that in words.

  37. Loved it pragun!!! it’s beautiful!

  38. Oh yes the earth is definitely happy that we are sitting at home quietly and doing whatever we can inside our homes. Hopefully people will change for the better after this.

  39. Kinshoo says:

    Beautifully written. True reality though. Small acts by humans can help earth heal.

  40. Pragun, your posts are brimming with happiness, love and a very strong connect with Mother Earth and nature. Beautifully written.

  41. Lavanya says:

    Loved the meaningful poetry. Was blown away by the pics.

  42. Judy Morris says:

    Traveller in me is yearning to be in harmony with nature. Loved the poem.

  43. Loved reading it. You have indeed penned it down beautifully and you are lucky to have house in the hills. And yes, being a nature lover myself, I know how important it is to preserve the beautiful mother nature for keeping harmony in the globe.

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