wham bam it’s exam

It’s 17 September 2018 today, and whoever I’m talking to since last one week says oh our kids exams are starting from Monday. So in maximum parts of India it’s first term or some exam that grips kids.
Kids are tensed, moms are anxious & here begins the exam saga.
My say is-

  • Keep your calm no matter how tough the subject is.
  • Don’t force your child or don’t compare him/her to other kids.
  • Help him/her understand things rather than mug up.
  • Life is not just marks or percentage. It’s about more than marks.
  • Be honest and realistic with yourself about expectations.
  • Engage in deep breathing for 2-5 minutes
  • Identify the best way your child is able to learn
  • Support them, trust them, understand them
  • Avoid distractions
  • Don’t compare he/ she is an individual.
  • Don/t keep on telling what happened in your times, times have changed.
  • Be observant

I’m a mother myself and have realized this after ‘Jr’ was born that I was pressuring Sr. unnecessarily. I was a meritorious student and expected same from kids but with passing years and will add the contribution of movie taare zameen par that I calmed myself. I realized it that Sr. was good in sports and for that I had to expose him to lot of activities.
So parents of children giving exams take a deep breath. I agree there is lot of competition, there is a race to win but check your child’s potential. Check what your child is good at only then move ahead. Happy parenting.
I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter. This is my Earth post on parenting.

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12 Responses

  1. Bikramjit says:

    These practices are very much needed, thanks for sharing

  2. I had visited your blog earlier. I was really impressed. I hold my opinion after reading this post. Yes, no matter how intelligent parents may be, children are different entities. There may be genetic influence, but not all people are equals and it is unfair to expect kids will have same proclivity. I am glad you did not pressurise your son to do well in studies. If he is good in sports he will shine. Like every good student does not become Einstein, every cricketer will not become a Tendulkar. But, if he likes the field he is in, he will find his way to become successful in his own way.

  3. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing

  4. Each child and different and it is baseless to compare them. Also one should keep in mind not to pressurize them. Great post …

  5. Anagha Yatin says:

    I recollected one sentence… “One sheet of paper can not decide my fate”. The moment we realize this, I suppose, we, the mothers will go easy on children appearing for exams. Thanks for taking this topical topic for discussion.

  6. Maya Bhat says:

    I loved the point, don’t keep on telling what happened during our times, time has changed. Even now if someone start talking about their times and complain about those things not happening now (in a negative tone), it is a kind of irritating to listen.

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