Modern Taste for Quaint Tradition!

A very creative artistic huge/ big/ giant form of traditional tribal bangle or say kangan/ bracelet made of dhokra craft (metal work by lost wax casting method practiced by the ghadwa community of Madhya Pradesh, chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and west bengal)..
Wish to have it on my hands, this is modern taste for the quaint traditions.
A huge bangle with big dimension, a worth click in tribal museum, bhopal
It’s a worth visit which showcases Cultural Diversity, Tribal Life, Tribal Art, Tribal Mythology, Tribal’s of Chattisgarh, madhya pradesh and Tribal Games of most important tribes of the State, namely, Gond, Bheel, Korku, Kol, Bharia, Baiga and Saharia.
Was not able to click the complete pic from any angel such was the beauty of size, so size does matter when it come to art and that too such awesome art.

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  1. Interesting post. Tribal art and culture must be understood and by actively promoting we may work towards improvement and integration of these communities.

  2. Wow! That is an amazing shot, Pragun. How huge is it? I’m so glad you decided to grab a shot of that and share it for our #WW linky party. The size and scale is just out of this world!!! Do check out our #WW post for this week to link up with your post. The linky is open for 6 days, so there is ample time for you to join us. 🙂…/when-the-sea-beckoned…/

  3. Pragun this is so lovely, its not just the magnanimity but the image speaks volumes of the diverse styles and cultures that exist around us.

  1. 9th October 2018

    […] Pragun’s Panchtattwa, we find that a bangle that might just be a little large to put on one’s […]

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