Live in Harmony With Nature

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It is essential to Live in Harmony with nature to nourish our soul, and feeling more balanced and joyful in our lives.

Our daily lives can have a big impact on nature, and we are now beginning to look to nature to find solutions to our environmental problems.

What is happening is we all know, I’m sure many of you have read the recent tweet Face reality, take action by climateben which says-

  1. The Amazon is burning 2. The Arctic’s on fire 3. The Oceans are boiling 4. The Coral reefs are dying 5. Greenland is melting 6. Permafrost is collapsing 7. Antarctica is heating 8. Ecosystems are crashing 9. Earth is turning to desert 10. Emissions are accelerating…

The planet we think we’re living on no longer exists.

Every morning when we wake up, we get surrounded by chemicals while brushing our teeth, taking a shower using soaps and shave, washing hands with surfactants. We also wastewater when all this goes down the drain. When we wash clothes, we use bleach and fabric softening agents. And also when we wear we use personal care products that most likely contain benzophenone or octocrylene. Have we ever thought about it? And that’s just the chemicals; we also generate a huge volume of trash. Waste disposal is a big issue – what we do with our plastics, for example.

What we need is Nature-based solutions

People play a vital role in protecting nature, but some of the problems we have caused can only be solved by harnessing nature. Sustainability has always been a core component of Indian culture.

The idea is to use nature to solve ecological and societal problems. One example they give is reducing the risk of flooding by creating or restoring ponds or wetlands, which provide important habitats for wildlife, among other benefits.

If we want to synchronize our bodily energies with universal energies the balance in all 5 elements is a must. 5 elements are the essence of the entire world, both within you and outside. yes, it’s true and proved that 5 elements influence behavior, emotions, and overall health. Balancing these elements in just the right way is the key to a happy and healthy life.

We must make sure the next generation also has the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with nature because they cannot grow to love nature if they do not experience it. For that, we as mentors need to tell how beneficial it is to live in harmony with nature. Respect nature, love it and care for it.

India is conscious

The best part about India is we are reuse, recycle economy and India is one of the least wasteful economies. It has frequently been acknowledged by stakeholders for its cooperation and efforts to promote climate change mitigation, and environmental sustainability. In India, we have a habit of selling the old newspapers and books, or utensils, to scrap dealers, this way we promote re-use and re-cycle. Since the olden times, Indian practices promote bathing by using buckets, washing dishes with hands instead of dishwashers, and also sun-drying of clothes instead of using heaters. All these are widespread, sustainable practices. Another key point, We Indians are most conscious about their environmental footprint and are making the most sustainable choices. As a global family and village, we should come together to learn from each other.

It is important to realize that Yoga and Ayurved are the greatest gifts of all time by India. A garden or forest is a reservoir of herbs and medicinal plants. That helps in a more natural way of treating our bodies imbalances and illnesses. Try and spent an hour outside in a park or woods you will automatically get the connection to the planet, our regions, and place, to our wild and dreaming selves, to our greatest potentials and the world we seek to envision and create. Try these baby steps to live in harmony with nature and you will see a change in your own personality too.

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Show gratitude towards all the 5 elements of nature to help you live in harmony with nature-
The Earth

Earth is the most powerful of all elements. Strengthening this element means strengthening our mind and body that gives peace and stability. To show your concern make sure that you-

  • ‘Thank the Earth’ wholeheartedly every day.
  • Show gratitude to the fact that you are standing on Mother Earth that supports so many life forms.
  • Always keep yourself and your thoughts grounded.
  • Try and be near the mother Earth, feel your feet on the ground.
  • Stay in touch with the physical experience of walking, standing or sitting on the ground, sometime during the day.
  • Practicing yoga is a means of connecting to Mother Earth.

In addition, try and not to litter in open, as you keep your home clean similarly keep the surroundings clean. Plant more trees and gift saplings if possible.

The Water

The water element is a life force, We all know 70% of the earth and our bodies are made up of water. Have you noticed after a bath or swimming or dip in the river, you feel relaxed and calm it’s because water has healing energy? “Jal hi Jeevan hai” is a true and well-known saying.

The simple way to show gratitude towards this element by

  • drinking enough water throughout the day to keep hydrated and energetic
  • This in return will help you stay healthy and happy. As grandma says keep water overnight in a copper vessel to pull its positive energies and drink this water early in the morning.
  • In addition, pledge not to throw garbage or litter in water bodies, especially plastic or non-biodegradable material.
  • We must respect our rivers, seas and keep them clean and fresh.
The Fire

The fire is the driving force behind all life processes. The Fire element is worshipped in various forms across religions. The Sun aptly represents this element. The early morning sun can heal many diseases and depression. Learning to regulate and temper your inner Fire is essential. The spark inside a human soul helps in balancing this element.

To show gratitude to this element-

  • Try and let the early morning light come inside your house as much as possible.
  • If you have an east-facing window, open it at sunrise
  • Try and sit and soak yourself in the sun and let the rays touch your body. Well sunbathing now has a scientific reason so go for it and thank each day when Sunshines as its the most powerful element.

In addition, the fire element is associated with Food tatwa as fire helps in cooking food so

  • don’t waste food or food items
  • try and share and don’t overcook to reduce wastage
  • Cook each and every meal with devotion and you will see the fire energy show its magic.
  • Ensure that you worship the power of Fire in any form during the day.
  • Thank the Sun for providing you the energy to run through the day.

All Vedic rituals involve Agni,  Fire/ Agni is known as Pawak the one which purifies. It also includes all kinds of energy including electricity produced by thermal (coal), hydel, solar or wind as the source.

  • Lit up your house with diyas they have calming powers and healing energy.
  • Use soft-scented candles around the house.
  • Bring warm lighting and colors into your home.
The Air

The air element is our most basic connection to life. Our body can only survive if we breathe. While balancing the Air element, it is essential to understand that each of us breathes the same air, even plants, and animals. When the air element is balanced, the mind is peaceful and controlled. You can easily connect with everyone and stop finding faults and imperfections in others.

  • To balance Get outdoors for a morning walk or other exercise
  • Fill your lungs, eyes, and ears with the clarity and peace that this time offers.
  • Spend some time watching clouds float around in the sky.
  • Spend time bird watching.
  • Try out Breathing meditation.
  • Stop fidgeting with your cell phone.
  • Steer clear of anxiety-inducing images and news, especially at night.

Space element encompasses everything around us and influences the mind and the heart. The Space element is most powerful and dominant. Without the Akash Tatva, none of the other 4 elements can exist. If there is no space, nothing can exist.

  • So, don’t forget when we get up every morning to thank Space for supporting Life and all Life forms, including us.
  • While meditation or prayer, sit silently and feel the expanse of Space.
  • Connect with the sounds of the Universe.
  • Feel the peace.
  • Engage in some form of Art or Music.
  • Travel, Learn, and Explore.

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Join the cause

Even our Prime minister calls to live in harmony with nature, be it World environment day or his adventurous trip with Bear Grylls in Man Vs Wild he has always stressed the need to save Earth, care for nature and Save water.

Check his Environment day tweet where he says – “Our planet and environment is something we all cherish greatly.

Also check his appeal to all countrymen to remove plastic from the environment, carry cloth bags and avoid plastic bags, gifting cloth and reusable bags to friends and relatives. This way we make sustainable products and in turn even help the farmers and handmade industries too.

Small efforts can bring in more connectivity with the environment and help you live in harmony with our nature.

Try and find ways for connecting with nature every day. Whether in the city or at home, in your workplace, even in schools and in neighborhoods. Plant native species in your backyard or park or open areas along the roads, go trekking, hiking, fishing with kids, build a bird feeder and keep a water bowl on the terrace or open area in-house. Go bird watching, walk in the park, ride a bike, set up a community garden, have a picnic, or exercise outdoors. A small act can bring you more close to nature and help you live in harmony with nature too. Gray Paved Road Between Trees

To all who truly notice, it is not only essential but amazing, fascinating, awesome!“

By understanding the harmonious connection with Mother Nature we are showing our engagement with many things. Like our awareness, organic perspective, holistic understanding, re-wilding, and greater effectiveness at nearly everything we might try to do in life.”

We cannot discover ourselves without first discovering the universe, the earth, and the imperatives of our own being. Each of these has creative power and a vision far beyond any rational thought or cultural creation of which we are capable.”  – Father Thomas Berry

I invite you to take time each day if possible for a small personal retreat. Try and live in harmony with nature in any possible way. This may be a walk in nature or sitting quietly in your backyard. Either creating a small, sacred space in your home with a few items that feel special. Let yourself journey gently and deeply within to the silent spring of wisdom that reflects back in its still waters the essence, the work of art, you are.

Check out the ways to implement panchtatwa connect in daily life.

With Inputs from ancient agri history paper, Panchtatwa, Agriculture, and Sustainability of Life on Earth. And The 5 elements and why you should connect with it journal.

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    I love spending some time with nature and plants are my best friend.

  2. Nature is hitting back for all we did to it. We need to change our attitude from lordship to partnership.

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