Only I can change my life by balancing the PanchTatwas.

Image result for panchtatvaPanch-Tatwa is my all-time favorite topic and it is what is seen everywhere around us in our daily lives, be it our human body, our sensory organs. We are all consistent with panchtatwa’s.

So keep them balanced is the need of the hour. We can change our negative thoughts, our stress levels our aura with the balance in panch tatwa’s.

In Indian culture, ‘Panchtatva’ represents ‘the five great elements’ from which life arises and it is believed that we are all made of the Panch Tatwas or five basic elements namely- the Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Light), Vaayu (Wind) and Aakaash (Sky) and then recycle back into the same elements.
Each element has its share of positives and negatives. These five elements need to be in togetherness, in cooperation for the well functioning of nature as well as our human body.

And this way we can change we live.

Panch-Tatwa yoga,  Panch-Tatwa Ayurveda,  Panch-Tatwa worshiping,  Panch-Tatwa sadhana are few ways I had read and experienced. Will share some of my reading and observations on Panch-Tatwas and our human body. Few inputs from Sadhguru’s inner exploration and other material.
WE are all beautiful if we are connected to nature, and that’s the most natural way to stay connected to our Panchtatwas. In a sound body, the five cardinal elements are maintained in a particular proportion.
You are what you are, you are one of the unique creations of the universe. It’s a natural beauty you are gifted with and natures are beautiful. Why even compare or think about comparison, have you seen similar lips or nose of anyone, No! so it’s unique, have you seen a heart similar to yours NO, that’s because yes you are beautiful. Nature is beautiful in its unique way and so are you.
Love to stay natural and connection to Panch-Tatwa helps me stay near nature. I always believe in natural products, herbal products, natural remedies, organic food products. I’m personally a no make up a person. Being natural is what I teach my kids too.

Pancha Tattva Mudra is a Practice to Balance the Elements

panchtatwa balancing

Our Body as Earth element:
“I” which we call our body, which we refer to for our existence right from our birth till the end, We cannot identify ourselves without this body. Our surroundings, this world, nature around us is full of such bodies, images or objects, etc. Through our body and its sense organs, we connect to the outside world. The five senses organs namely Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue, and Nose help us to understand the five physical attributes of this Universe, which are Sound, Touch, Sight, Taste, and Smell. This is why the ancient people referred to the Body as the Earth element because our life is on Earth. Create ways for yourself to somehow remain in touch with the Earth element. If your bare hands and bare feet come in touch with the earth on a daily basis, it will harmonize the physiological process in your system. So try to walk barefoot in the garden, or sit down on the floor to consume food or read, etc as Earth is the basis of our lives. What kind of air you breathe is important, but how you breathe and how consciously you do so is equally important to try and breathe with nature, take a walk in the park, along the lake or the river, whatever is available to you. As our body is our real partner and we need to nurture it for ourselves.
Our Mind as Water element:
We all know that 70% of the earth is water and the same goes for the human body, and it flows within all of us.  It’s the mind that brings reality to the body. Without the mind, there is no Body. So it is the mind that gives the body a reality. The mind can flow in any direction, it can flow backward in time or even forward. This free-flowing, fluid nature of mind makes it attributed to the water element.
Water is life. It is important how you treat it before it enters your system. I associate my random thoughts & musings under ‘water’ head only on my blog.
Intelligence as a Fire element:
Fire is the source of energy and light. Light helps make this beauty of the world visible to all of us. Each thought refers to an object/ image and throughout life, we get infinite and enormous thoughts. With the help of our intelligence which is called Buddhi, our thoughts get a pattern. Without Intelligence, Mind would just be a random flow of thoughts without any logic in it. Hence the ancients associated the fire element with Intelligence. Our mind is consisting of enormous thoughts that are flowing like a river. The most important aspect of Intelligence is that it brings the mind to the present moment, the reality, the Awareness of our existence.
What kind of fire burns within you? Is it the fire of greed, hatred, anger, resentment, lust, love, or compassion? If you cleanse the element of fire, once again your physical and mental wellbeing will be well-taken care of. A simple process you can do to cleanse the fire within you is getting some sunlight every day. If having a fire is not possible to light a lamp with oil or ghee and be around this lamp.“Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya” means “From darkness, lead me to light. 

Awareness as an Air element:

Air, is important for the sustenance of our life and thus is a powerful and important life source. Only when we are alive, when we are aware, we can feel our Body, Mind, and Intelligence. That Aliveness is Awareness, and without Awareness, we are dead. It is the Awareness that helps keep the three, the Body, Mind, and Intelligence alive. Fire needs air for burning, similarly, mind and body along with Intelligence needs Awareness. Hence the ancients rightly called the Awareness as the Air element. The Sum total of Awareness, intelligence, Mind, and Body is called energy.
Awareness of traditions culture values made me write on the same under ‘Air’ head on my blog. 

Consciousness as Sky element:

The Blue sky is the open space that can accommodate everything, it’s a roof on our heads. When we see the starlit sky it the path to galaxies from the Earth it’s the way from the ground to be connected to the universe.
It is the most expansive dimension which is limitless, If your access to it expands, both your perception and intelligence will grow. A simple act to look up at the sky and bow down to Akash for holding you and this planet in place can bring about magical changes in your thought process and life.
Everything exists in Consciousness, the living, the non-living, the moving or non-moving, the small the big, the tall or short. Existence is due to our Consciousness. This is why the ancients associated Consciousness to the space element.

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These five aspects of Consciousness, Awareness, Intelligence, Mind, and Body are the basic universal fundamentals that help the body to stay in balance like all 5 fingers of our hand.

The ‘panchatatwa‘ directly relate to our “Self”, and the understanding of the ‘panchatatwa‘ guides us towards a better awareness of our environment. When Panch-Tatwa is in balance it provides us happiness, peace, success, prosperity, calmness, and satisfaction. Using natural, organic, UN-chemicalised, pure, herbal, Ayurveda products helps us stay connected. A feeling of Gratitude, Self-love for self-care are Golden rules to bring a healthy and happy balance in life.
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This is my Water post on PanchTatwa’s thoughts & observations.

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  1. Geethica says:

    Very well researched article, Pragun. The five elements are the source of our living and each one is incomplete without the other. The conscious mind is the core of our thinking because we are what we think. Thanks for participating in the blog anniversary celebration.

  2. We are made of these five elementa, feed off them and will get dissolved in them one day. That’s the most honest truth of this world. Beautiful post pragun.

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